8ak interview: Raytheon talks about Missile Defence System offered to India; L&T tie-


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8ak interview: Raytheon talks about Missile Defence System offered to India; L&T tie-up for tanks

06 Mar 2010 8ak: Raytheon’s David Hartman spoke to 8ak exclusively on the Integrated Missile Defence System – Hawk 2, which it has offered to India in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) around 18 months ago. He says that even though the system has been there for a long time, timely upgrade has enabled the system to be modern in nature. Explaining the entire Hawk-21 system using a mock-battlefield, Mr Hartman says that the offer includes an active seeker missile system.
Earlier, 8ak had also interviewed Precision Electronics, Managing Director, Mr Ashok Kanodia about their tie up with Raytheon's Electronic Division for offering advanced communications solutions. Further Raytheon had announced a tie-up with L&T for upgrade of the T-72 tanks. Raytheon will provide infrared imaging sights and electronics to improve target accuracy and increase overall system lethality of T-72 tank battalions. Raytheon has provided more than 20,000 thermal sights in 15 countries.
Fritz Treyz, vice president, Raytheon Network Centric Systems India Operations said that "Together (with L&T), we are exploring other opportunities to provide net-centric modernization defense solutions to meet growing demands in India and the global marketplace.
" L&T will develop the fire control systems based on its experience across multiple weapon systems for land, naval and air defense applications. With customer support, L&T will perform the final integration of fire control system and sensors on the T-72 tanks. "L&T is the only Indian company in the private sector that is leading a team for the T-72 upgrade program." said M. V. Kotwal, senior executive vice president and member of the L&T board of directors.
On the commercial side, Raytheon has just won an order from the Airports Authority of India to install AutoTrac III, its next-generation air traffic management system, to help reduce delays in aircraft arrival and departure at the Chennai International Airport.

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