28th March


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Mar 22, 2009
28th March

  • 1. 28th March, 193 Roman Emperor Pertinax was murdered by his Praetorian Guards.

  • 2. 28th March, 845 Paris ransacked by Viking Raiders.

  • 3. 28th March, 1794 Allied Troops commanded by Prince of Coburg defeated French Army.

  • 4. 28th March, 1795 partition of Poland.

  • 5. 28th March, 1809 France defeated Spain in Peninsular War.

  • 6. 28th March, 1854 France and Britain declares war on Russia, in Crimean War.

  • 7. 28th March, 1860 First Taranaki War known as 'Battle of Waireka' between Maori Tribes led by Maori King and New Zealand Govt. Troops begin.

  • 8. 28th March, 1862 American Civil War , in the Battle of Glorieta Pass , Union Troops stopped invasion of Confederate Force in New Mexico.

  • 9. 28th March, 1939 Spanish Civil War , Gen. Francisco Franco captures Madrid.

  • 10. 28th March, 1941, World War 2: Battle of Cape Matapan Royal Navy commanded by Adm. Andrew Brown Cunningham destroyed three Italian Heavy Cruisers and two destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • 11. 28th March, 1942, World War 2: Port St. Nazarie under control of German Troops in 'Occupied France' raided by French and British Navy.

(Source : Wikipedia)

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