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Nov 16, 2011
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Setting off for school after slaughtering his parents, grandmother and great aunt, the 13-year-old Brazilian boy who had 'become obsessed with The Amityville Horror'
Marcelo Pesseghini reportedly told his best friend he wanted to be a hitman
Believed to have shot all his victims in the head with .40 pistol as they slept
He was later seen on CCTV heading to school in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Appears to have been inspired by the infamous Amityville murders in 1974

PUBLISHED: 08:05 GMT, 7 August 2013 | UPDATED: 17:44 GMT, 7 August 2013

A 13-year-old boy killed his police officer parents as well as his grandmother and great-aunt before spending a full day at school and then taking his own life.
Police believe Marcelo Pesseghini shot each victim in the head with a .40 calibre pistol early Monday morning at the home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before spending a day at school.
His father, Luiz Marcelo Pesseghini, 40, a police sergeant with 19-years service was found in bed.
His mother, Andreia Regina Pesseghini Bovo, 36, who had served in the military police for 16 years, was found on her knees in the bedroom.

His grandmother, Benedita de Oliveira Bovo, 65, and great-aunt Bernadete Oliveira da Silva, 55, who lived in a different section of the family's compound, were also both killed in bed.
The teenager was found dead from a gunshot to the left temple and his father's police-issue service revolver was found nearby.
A second gun, a .32 caliber revolver, was found inside the backpack the teenager took to school.

There are suggestions that the boy may have been inspired by the infamous events at Amityville in 1974 when a man killed his parents and four siblings at their home in Amityville, Long Island, New York.
All were found dead in their beds.
On December, 9, 2012, Marcelo posted a famous picture linked to the Amityville case on his Facebook page.

CCTV footage taken from a security camera appears to show him arriving at school in his mother's car after the killings, waiting for several hours, then casually walking in.
'Everything seems to indicate that Marcelo killed his parents and relatives,' Itagiba Franco, of the Sao Paulo Civilian Police's homicide department, told a press conference.
Mr Franco said Marcelo had told a friend he wanted to kill his parents and become a hitman.
'He always told me he wanted to become a hired killer. He had a plan to kill his parents during the night, so that no one would notice and escape in the parents' car and live in an abandoned place,' police quoted the unidentified friend as saying.
Even in a nation used to a daily dose of violence and murder, many Brazilians are still reeling in shock at news of the tragedy and finding it difficult to believe.
Police suspect that Marcelo murdered his family at their home in the northern Sao Paolo district of Vila Brasilândia in an overnight massacre beginning on Sunday night and continuing into the early hours of Monday.
The boy's bizarre and cold-blooded decision to spend one last apparently normal day at school before taking his own life has confounded those who knew the family.
Marcelo's cousin, Sandra Alves Feitosa, voiced the family's disbelief, telling local media: 'If it was a Marcelo who did it, then it was a force of evil.
'He was a boy who was loving and loved by all. He never even got into a fight at school.'

Investigators, trying to piece together the chain of events, believe after shooting his family, Marcelo stole his mother's car and calmly drove it to his school.
In an interview on O Globo TV, military police commander Colonel Roberto Benedito Meira said CCTV security cameras show a person, who could be Marcelo, parking the car at 1.15am on Monday 5th near the College Stella Rodrigues in Rua João Machado.
The person stays in the car for five hours and is then seen to leave.
'The image we have is a person parking the vehicle at 1.15am and at 6.30am a person gets out of the vehicle, puts a backpack and goes toward the school. What can be deduced is that this might be the boy Marcelo,' said Colonel Meira.
The school confirmed that the youngster had attended on Monday and that the father of a schoolmate had given Marcelo a lift home at the end of the school session.
The witness, who has not been named, told investigators that when they reached Marcelo house, he asked him to not park front of the house because his father was asleep.
The family car was later found in front of the school. No key was in the ignition. Police said they found the key in Marcelo's jacket pocket.
After watching the video Marcelo's uncle, Sebastião de Oliveira Costa, said: 'I'm absolutely shocked. I can't believe that this is Marcelo, but it looks like him.
'But he was only a small child even though he was 13 years old. I don't believe he was even big enough to fit in to drive the car.'

The Pessighini family lived in two separate houses on the same grounds. The bodies of Marcelo's parents were found in the main family home.
Mrs Pesseghini, 36, who had worked in police administration for 16 years was found kneeling on the floor with the upper part of her body slumped over the bed.
Sergeant Pesseghini, who had been with the military police for 19 years, was discovered on his front in bed.
In a separate neighbouring house both his maternal grandmother Benedicta de Oliveira Bovo, 67, and her sister, Bernadette Oliveira da Silva, 55, had been killed where they lay.
Initial investigations revealed that each victim had been shot in the head with a .40 calibre bullets, which are standard issue for military police.
A .40 calibre handgun was found underneath Marcelo's body.
Colonel Meira has already dismissed any suggestion of a break-in into the family home and a gang attack or a revenge assassination.
'We ruled out the possibility of some sort of retaliatory attack by a gang. The house was not ransacked, there were no signs of forced entry,' he said.
Searches revealed two guns at the residence, he said: the .40 calibre revolver found beneath Marcelo; as well as a second .32 calibre revolver found in the boy's school bag.
'We believe the revolver was a police gun and was taken from his father,' said Colonel Meira. 'At least five shots were fired inside the house, all compatible with a .40 pistol.'
He said there was no ballistic evidence pointing to the use of any other gun in the attacks. According to Colonel Meira, the boy was left-handed and the shot fired was made on the left side of his head.
In the police report filed by Sao Paulo civil police it states that the teen was found dead with 'the gun in his left hand under his body.'

Despite the evidence, some relatives of the Pesseghinis remained sceptical about the youngster's involvement in the kiling.
Sebastião de Oliveira Costa, Mrs Pesseghini's brother, said he did not believe the boy had the strength to lift and fire the hefty .40 calibre weapon.
'It makes no sense. This is a heavy gun and he couldn't have had the strength to shoot it,' he said.

Sergeant Pesseghini's brother, Fábio Luiz Pesheghini, also defended his nephew, claiming that he was not left-handed, as police claimed. 'From what I know he was right-handed. I'm pretty sure he was right-handed,' he said.
He described his nephew as a 'quiet, normal child who could was no trouble for his parents, and barely left the house.'
He couldn't however say whether his brother and sister-in-law had received death threats in the past.
According to reports on Record TV Mr Cost was one of the first people to enter the house and to see the position of the bodies.
'When we arrived no one had not entered as yet. What we found was that they were all shot in the back of the head and neck. Everybody was in the same position,' he said.
'Andreia was on her knees and Marcelo was in the corner of the bed. Both sisters were in the bedroom of their house.'

Analysts are now picking up on a number of indications that suggesting all may not have been well with teenager.
A month before the killings, on July 5, he changed his Facebook profile photo to an image from the violent video game 'Assassin's Creed'.
In a key witness statement reported in the Sao Paulo newspaper Estadao, made on Tuesday 6 by Marcelo's best friend, a 13-year-old from the same class whose identity is protected, Marcelo is said to have told him that he wanted to run away from home and had dreams of being hired killer.
He had plans to kill his parents at night and live in undetected in a foreign location. According to the schoolmate Marcelo had repeated this plan recently several times, before the tragedy.
One of the teachers from Marcelo school also said that the boy had asked her if she had ever run away as a child and had ever done something evil to her parents.
Most troubling is the suggestion that the teenager appears to have taken sinister inspiration from the infamous Amityville killings, with the killings bearing chilling similarities to the 1974 murders.
In the early hours of November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr killed his parents, Ronald and Louise, his two sisters and his two brothers.
All were found dead in their beds.
The Amityville killings later sparked rumours of the supernatural after it was claimed that the house where they took place was haunted.
A famous picture known as the Amityville Ghost Boy which emerged in 1976 purports to show the ghost of the youngest victim of the massacre.
In December last year Marcelo Pesseghini posted the Ghost Boy picture, on his Facebook page.


On December 21st last year Marcelo Pesseghini posted a picture connected with the Amityville murders in New York onto his Facebook page.

The chilling similarities between the Sao Paulo killings and the Amityville murders suggest the teenager was directly inspired by the infamous 1974 case.

On November 13, 1974, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo Jr used a Marlin 336c rifle to shoot dead his parents Ronald and Louise as well as his brothers Marc, 12, and John Matthew, 9, and sisters Dawn, 18, and Allison 13.

All were shot in bed. DeFeo was found guilty on six counts of second-degree murder, and is currently imprisoned at Green Haven Correctional Facility in Beekman.

In Sao Paulo all the victims were close family members living in the same home and all were shot in bed with the exception of the mother Andreia Pesseghini who was found on her knees in the bedroom.

Following the Amityville killings stories circulated that the house was haunted. The family who moved into the property reported 'paranormal activities' and fled - their experience inspired books and a 1979 movie.

In December last year, Marcelo Pesseghini posted a famous picture known as the Amityville 'Ghost Boy' which emerged in 1976 and purports to show the ghost of the youngest of the DeFeo children.
Boy, 13, shoots dead his parents, grandmother and great aunt¿ then spends day in school before killing himself | Mail Online

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