13 Kashmiri groups condemn Pakistan's 1947 invasion


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Feb 23, 2009
13 Kashmiri groups condemn Pakistan's 1947 invasion

TNN 22 October 2009, 08:52pm IST

NEW DELHI: As Pakistan teeters on the precipice of instability, Kashmiri groups, particularly in the UK, appear to be doing their own review of history and strategy. For the first time in 62 years, 13 Kashmiri political groups in the UK, under the umbrella of the Kashmiri National Party, passed a resolution against Pakistan's tribal invasion into India in October 1947. ( Watch Video )

This is significant as the Kashmiri groups, for the past six decades, have commemorated October 22 as a black day against Indian forces marching into Srinagar in October 1947. It's a quiet but determined turnaround by the Kashmiri diaspora, mostly in the UK, where they have mainly settled after leaving Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Kashmiri representatives said the tribal invasion was designed to force the maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir to join Pakistan. Interestingly, sources said, apart from Kashmiris, a number of Pakistanis were also present in the conference to express support for the cause of Jammu and Kashmir.

Pushing for independence, the Kashmiris said they were opposed to both Indian and Pakistani policies.

A Kashmiri representative, Shabir Choudhry, criticised the tribal invasion while Pakistani Kashmiris said that over the years, Kashmiris remained confused about their identity. "We don't know if we are Pakistanis or Kashmiris."

Given the fact that Pakistan has made the territorial acquisition of Kashmir a form of jihad, this was rejected by many Kashmiris. Their resolution opposed militancy and religion-based politics. There was a general rejection of the "genie of extremism and hatred released in the name of jihad in October 1947 to advance political agenda".

Kashmiri groups condemn Pakistan's 1947 invasion - India - The Times of India


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Mar 10, 2009
"We don't know if we are Pakistanis or Kashmiris."

They are Indians. Duh.


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Sep 18, 2009
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A Kashmir independent state is impractical. It will be land-locked, hilly, will lack a lot of infrastructure India is planning to build / building (such as railways, tunnels, bridges, roads, power plants, etc.), and have virtually no sustainable economy. Playing the "Kashmir State" card is merely an instrument of reuniting Kashmir (since Pakistan cannot do it militarily), and then pave the way for acceding to Pakistan.

A contrasting view is that all of a sudden Kashmiris are opening up against Pakistan, since it's an 'abandon ship' drill for them. Beyond doubt Pakistan is proving increasingly inviable for Kashmiris (of POK) to be a part of. The last thing they would want is for POK to be gobbled up by the Taliban.

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