10 ways the government plans to keep peace in Kashmir


Sanathan Pepe
Sep 18, 2009
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Well you did not get my point. I wanted to know if there are any provisions in the Constitution of India, by which a resolution can be passed by which the 3/4 vote in J&K LA becomes null & void? So that even article 370 can be revoked without the consent of the people of J&K?

By consent of the people of J&K, is it not the politicians in the J&K assembly? I believe Congress can do that.
Well, you did not even read my post. I said, yes there is a provision, you can pass such a resolution in the Parliament, but such a resolution would amount to "alteration of Article 370", since you're removing the "3/4 mandate requirement in J&K Legislative Assembly" clause. Any alteration to Article 370 would again require a 3/4 mandate in Srinagar. So I doubt Srinagar would give a 3/4 mandate to lose its right to 3/4 mandate clause over 370. That's just a non-productive convolution.

And no, "consent of people" in a democracy is reflected by "people's representatives" (J&K's legislators). Hence, their 3/4 mandate is legally counted as "consent of people of J&K".

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