1. Poseidon

    Pakistan's naval buildup is quite concerning.

    I know that I will get some flak for saying this but this buildup of sorts of Pakistan Navy is quite concerning. This is what Pak Navy chief said today->> > 4 x Type-054AP frigates under construction (delivery 2021-23) > 4 x MILGEM ships under construction (del 2023-25) > 1 x Jinnah-class...
  2. Tshering22

    Is China behind Pakistan’s plan to annex Kashmir’s Gilgit-Baltistan?

    Pakistan’s government is putting the finishing touches on plans to “provisionally” make the Gilgit-Baltistan region of disputed Kashmir part of the country, risking another high-stakes showdown with India that could lead to war. Analysts focused on South Asia said the decision to grant interim...
  3. Holy Triad

    The Establishment of Pakistan

    "most countries have an army, but Pakistan's army has a country. Even when it is not formally in power -- as it has been off and on for nearly half of Pakistan's 69-year history -- the Pakistani military wields tremendous influence as a kingmaker."...