Flight Control Computer

Hatf-V/Ghauri test fails, missile crashes in Pakistani village

Flight Control Computer

The Flight Control Computer of Ghauri/Hatf V which landed in Dadu, Pakistan

Pakistan’s latest missile test failed when the Hatf V/Ghauri deviated significantly from its trajectory before crashing into the Pakistani village of Dadu

The missile was on course till first stage separation. Thereafter, the section containing the flight control computer and boosters for trajectory correction broke off from the main body and landed in Dadu.

The premature announcement of a “successful test” implies that contact with the missile was lost. Later, ISPR made a hasty press release when reports of “mysterious metallic objects" started appearing in local newspapers.

This illustration shows the section below the warhead which got dislodged from the main body:

Ghauri Missile Failure

The "mysterious metallic object" was from a section below the warhead


  1. srikumar.b 27 January, 2013 at 23:11

    the failure of Ghauri test fire is natural.how this poor country with little resources can do as that of nation with
    spirit of patriotism and scientific know-how

    • Naveed 14 August, 2013 at 07:07

      don’t doubt it, because media can manipulate things , just look at your administration why they are so worried about Pakistan nuclear and missile capabilities. every body knows due to strong nuclear & missile technology India couldn’t dare to cross the border. otherwise india is 8 times bigger than Pak.

      • Raghav Dua 29 September, 2013 at 03:09

        If u think you are protected due to your nuclear arsenals than you are the biggest fool on this Earth.India have a nuclear triad(Nuclear ICBM,fighter jets with aircraft carriers and Nuclear submarines).This means we are more capable in launching nuclear attacks on Pakistan(Due to much stronger warhead delivery Mechanism). Secondly we have a better Ballistic missile defence system than Pakistan so if Pakistan attacks us we will be able to defend us and Pakistan would end up with nothing.Even after that since we have large population and better economy than Pakistan therefore we have better shock absorbing and counter striking capability.Pakistan do not even have Ballistic missile defence system-What will save your country from an Indian counter Nuclear Strike.In short all your nuclear arsenals are nothing more than garbage on which you spent crores of rupees.

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