Latest LCA Tejas Pictures

Latest pictures of LCA Tejas light weight multi-role combat aircraft spotted in the wild.

  • LCA Tejas LCA Tejas LCA Tejas on Display
  • LCA Tejas LCA Tejas
  • LCA Tejas LCA Tejas LCA Tejas in Jaipur City
  • LCA Tejas LCA Tejas LCA Tejas in a Flying Formation
  • LCA Tejastaking-off LCA Tejastaking-off LCA Tejas
  • LCA Tejas LCA Tejas LCA Tejas taking-off


  1. sandy007 21 March, 2013 at 00:59

    I don’t understand what our IIT professor are doing we boast of our knowledge, we talk lot about our IIT’s. Our IITians also give lots of reasons when we ask question about the high temperature material .I have told several times that we need to do lots of research regarding the different kind of alloys in metals .First we will have to give a chance to two to three private companies to develop the crystal blade technology govt of india must give them certain advantage in tax also in experiment lots of relaxation to develop such kind of aero engine technology. These kind of technology should be tax free, to encourage them to come forward and do the experiments also. There should be healthy competition between Govt and private vendor. Now a days we find lots of corruption in govt department and what I feel that these govt PSU are under severe pressure from arms dealer.Even if they know the technology they will not come up with technology unless and until their jobs are at stake.Take example of the Bofors Howitzer when other private firm came up with the same guns our ordinance factory made it in a few years. Same way if we take the Jet engine technology we know that we are manufacturing and over hauling MIG fighter jets engines at KORAPUT in Orissa don’t we have the technology to manufacture the engines. Problem is that our govt department and arms dealer and their well wisher does not allow them to do so. We have measure problem lying in our country’s defense procurement procedure. DRDO which boast of major technological advancement is only confine to Missile technology .If we turn the next page things are totally different billions of Rupees spent on critical technology but nothing in the hand and mind it in the end you will find really nothing from them. Problem with Govt agencies are that their programs are not time bound not with limitation unlike we find in Chinese think tank.Chinese are more concern with their advancement in technology slowly and gradually they have made their own IL 76 true copy of gajraj. Their programs are so secret that nobody from outside the world can know about their achievement unless and until they them self reveal it. We Indian have lust for the money and no feeling for the mother india.Mind it the problem is that our character is at such a low stake that we don’t spare our mother india we have know nationhood ethics in us only the poor citizen of india who knows nothing about these. If we really want to be front runner then we will have to give us a chance allow private player and remove all those senior retd people who are nothing more than White elephant to our Defense PSU.I mean from HAL ,GTRE, DRDO. These chief director should get extension only when they perform otherwise retire them in a year or two. I heard a lot about the MIDHANI and the problem is that they don’t have money to do the research and experiment if they really want to grow up further in crystal blade technology the govt must support them by making their material tax and excise free from import and also finance them so that more and more experiment can be done on crystal blade technology, and other high temperature technology .Our IITian’s can also help them by applying their thought. Such private sector companies should be encouraged in future TATA , SAIL, BIRLA, Mahindra and Mahindra can be given a chance to develop the advance jet engine technology. Similarly in Software and hardware technology also like jammer, radar and stealth technology should be encouraged by govt by giving them all kind of relaxation in taxes and import duties to do the experiment. Private sector programs should be more secrete SEZ area should be made under Govt supervision to monitor them.HAL should be privatized and private sector also should be encouraged in Aircraft manufacturing to avoid monopoly of Govt PSU. We don’t have such kind of parallel programs in our country. Hal also do not have the capability to give the fighter aircraft on time. We have number of fighter aircraft programs in future but the thing is that HAL needs to be overhauled. Private sector is the only solution to this major problem.

  2. sandy 007 31 May, 2013 at 18:55

    If the franch do not provide the Crystal blade technology cancel the deal for the MMRCA our main moto was crystal blade and related technology so this will be great signal to other nation also who wants to sell their garbage to us. Let them understand that we are talking serious business not HAWA HAWI.Tell Russia also if it want to sell its fighter give us the technology otherwise no deal nothing will be discussed.

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