The Heat and Dust Project: The Broke Couple's Guide to Bharat

Our very own 'geek at large', Saurav Jha, when not busy fighting for indigenization, managed to travel thousands of kilometers through India with his wife Devapriya Roy on an extreme budget, living on an average of 500 rupees a day, to write the unique book 'The Heat and Dust Project: The Broke Couple's Guide to Bharat', an endeavour that at the very least shows that it is quite safe to travel through India.
Pre-order now and read at leisure to find out true answers to such deep questions : What do Israeli youths do immediately after being discharged from compulsory military service? What would you do if a stranger asks you out for dinner on top off a sand dune at Barmer? If on a nightly cruise down the Yamuna, off the ghats of Mathura, how would you look for ghosts?
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 Heat and Dust

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