Zakir Naik: Hindus can't build temples/propagate religion as per Islam.

Discussion in 'Religion & Culture' started by _sid_, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. _sid_

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    Apr 3, 2012
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    सभी DFI मित्रों को प्रणाम/सलाम/सतश्रीअकाल/Hello,

    This guy who has memorized entire quran, who runs Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), several madrasas has a following of Millions of secular muslims among India. Banned in UK and Canada for holding public lectures but secular India allows him.
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  3. Ray

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    Apr 17, 2009
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    Technically he is right that the Islamic edicts do indicate that Islam is the True Religion and there can be no God but Allah.

    But that in the contemporary world requires flexibility.

    But, his justification puts paid to the demands of Muslims to build their Mosques in non Muslim countries or propagate their religion in non Muslim countries as they because of the religious edicts cannot permit other religions to be propagated or practised in their countries.

    Would it be then a correct thing that was done by demolishing the Babri Mazjid? I wonder what Dr Naik would say to that. That is if one goes by his justification.
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  4. pmaitra

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    Mar 10, 2009
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    EST, USA
    Dr. Naik needs to take a hike in the woods. He is incompatible with modern progressive society.

    Let him bark. No need to give him too much importance.
  5. Energon

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    Jun 3, 2009
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    OK, first thing first. Please rectify the title of this thread because it is intellectually dishonest. Naik's dismisses all non Islamic religions and makes repeated references to Christianity vis a vis the West, not Hinduism. So if this is an attempt to rile up all that Hindu outrage please stop now because it will be a waste of everyone's time. Also the original recording only goes till 3:30, everything after that is dubbed.

    Having said that....

    Zakir Naik is an asshat and one of the most prolific sources of verbal diarrhea. If there is anything I hate more than diseased sewer rats and feces dwelling microbial parasites it is a charlatan. Naik is a hack, a master of pseudo intellectualism who has successfully managed to woo a number of "enchanted" followers who can only be referred to as epic dumbasses. Anyone with even the minutest critical thinking ability (surprisingly rare) should be able to see right through this ass wipe and summarily flush all his opinions down the toilet where they belong... along with him.

    The bottom line here is tolerance, progressiveness and maturity, not scientific veracity (a concept he clearly does not understand). These factors are far more dependent upon individual societies as opposed to religion. Naik forgets that there are Hindu temples and Christian churches in Oman, UAE, Indonesia and Bahrain, countries that have been relatively more tolerant. I was surprised by the math teacher 2+2 is 3 example because it was hilariously idiotic even for him.

    People seem to have different interpretations of religion so I never know how to accurately characterize them. I can however say with certainty that whatever religion Zakir Naik purports is a heaping pile of horse$h!t and deserves ample ridicule.

    Naik and his ilk prove yet again that their inferior philosophical outlook makes them unworthy of being allowed into progressive societies that value liberty, pluralism and tolerance, the very values they exploit themselves on a daily basis.

    Unfortunately reactionary movements by the far right (be it in the US/West or India) attempt to match Naik's ignorance and intolerance with their own.This is equally idiotic. There is absolutely no reason why people born into free societies should have to concede their fundamental values out of fear. Every ecosystem has parasites and Naik happens to be one of them.
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