Youngest sarpanch, MBA Chavvi Rajawat makes village Soda India's 1st IT-enabled

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    India's youngest sarpanch, MBA Chavvi Rajawat makes her village Soda India's 1st IT-enabled one - Economic Times

    ...When Chavvi Rajawat tried to bring water to her parched village, she hit the bureaucratic wall of inefficiency.
    The young, jeans-clad sarpanch of Soda village in Rajasthan was told that she had already spent more than the funds allocated to her, and that the fresh water reservoir she wanted to construct was now out of the question...

    ...Soda village has now tied up with German software vendor SAP to develop an internet and intranet portal, complete with a technology education lab. The portal would give Soda's 10,000 inhabitants 24x7 accessibility to the funds sanctioned for the village...


    About Chhavi Rajawat:
    Chhavi Rajawat was born in Rajasthan in 1980.
    She is an alumnus of Rishi Valley School (Andhra Pradesh), Mayo College Girls' School (Ajmer)
    Lady Shri Ram (University of Delhi) and a management graduate from Balaji Institute Of Modern
    Chhavi Rajawat left her corporate job and city life to help develop rural India. She became the
    Sarpanch (Head of a Village) of Soda, a village sixty kilometers from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Her
    grandfather Brig. Raghubir Singh was the Sarpanch of the village (retired from the post of
    Sarpanch 20 years prior to Chhavi Rajawat's elections), from which she too was elected. The
    Times of India, the leading English newspaper in India credits her as the changing face of rural
    On 25 March 2011, Chhavi Rajawat addressed delegates at the 11th Info-Poverty World Conference
    held at the United Nations.Chhavi Rajawat was well-received at the meeting, followed by praises
    across the national news.
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