Young woman murdered and parcelled to Ajmer

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    Young woman murdered and parcelled to Ajmer
    India - 10 april 2011

    NEW DELHI: The body of a murdered young woman was neatly packed and parcelled to a fake Rajasthan address through a north Delhi cargo agency. The case is somewhat similar to the Neetu Solanki case. The BPO staffer's body was dumped in a bag near New Delhi railway station on February 11.

    Investigators said they were yet to identify the murdered woman whose nude body bearing multiple stab wounds was recovered from the office of a private cargo company at Kishangarh, Rajasthan, on Friday after no one came forward to claim the carton containing it.

    The person who booked the consignment on April 2 at the cargo company's Sadar Bazar office identified himself as "M" and gave the recipient's address as "self", investigators said. The consignment was booked for an Ajmer address.

    The consignment reached Ajmer on April 3, but no one came to claim it. It was then redirected to Kishangarh on April 7 because "M" had identified himself as someone from the Rajasthan town.

    When the stench became unbearable, the cargo company staffers opened it on April 8 to find the murdered woman aged between 22 and 25. The body was sent for autopsy and Rajasthan Police confirmed the body bore several stab injuries.

    Source: The Times of India

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