Yeddyurappa-Kumaraswamy truth test: Have they lost their marbles in Bangalore?

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    Yeddyurappa-Kumaraswamy truth test: Have they lost their marbles in Bangalore? - Bangalore - DNA

    Even as chief minister BS Yeddyurappa and former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy are preparing for the truth test before Lord Manjunatha at the famous temple in Dharmasthala, seers of various mutts have come out strongly against turning temples into places of political tests.

    Meanwhile, Yeddyurappa has expressed his displeasure over the huge debate the issue has raised in public domain. He refused to comment on the criticism it has drawn from various quarters. “I do not want it to be an issue of public debate,” he said when his reaction was sought.

    Yeddyurappa had challenged Kumaraswamy for a truth test after the JD(S) state president accused Yeddyurappa of sending an aide to strike a deal to prevent him (HDK) from exposing any more scams of the chief minister and his family members.

    Yeddyurappa denying the allegation, challenged Kumaraswamy to swear before Lord Manjunatha on the truthfulness of his allegation. Kumaraswamy accepted the challenge.

    “Yeddyurappa and Kumaraswamy will incur the curse of Lord Manjunatha if they turn the temple into an arena for political swearing. It has shocked me and is setting a very bad tradition,” said Visveshatheertha Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt.

    “There are several other means to find if an allegation is true or false. It is not appropriate to decide corruption cases through swearing at religious places. It would be better if the two leaders abandon their truth test at the temple,” he said.

    Srishaila Kshetra Seer Jagadguru Channasiddarama Panditaradhya Shivacharya has termed the decision of two leaders an immature and unhealthy trend in a democracy.

    “The two leaders should abandon the path of confrontation in a temple and should find alternative forum to find the truth behind allegations. It would be better for the people of the state if they used their time and energy for the welfare of the people,” the swamiji said.
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    Instead of this, they should have a brain mapping test.

    Ofcourse I am sure no one would agree to that.
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    I thought they where going to take a lie detector test! I am sure the machine will find them both lieing!
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    Is this infinitely worse than that oath they take in the presence of the constitutions and then go on to commit all the vices they swore to guard against ?.......The boom of law,as we have already seen,holds no threat to our politicians,atleast the possibility of divine retribution upon lying is slightly more reassuring than the natural course of law.........

    Here's my prayer,May lord Manjnatha cast the liar into the nether world for good.....alas Deve Gowda wont make it to Dharmasthala,that would have made Karnataka lighter by atleast three unworthy souls.
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    Dono ke dono nautanki hai.

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