Yashwant Sinha to PM: Silence will confirm you were part of 2G scam

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    New Delhi: After former Telecom Minister A Raja told a parliamentary panel probing the 2G spectrum allocations that he took major decisions after consulting the Prime Minister, BJP leader Yashwant Sinha today asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to appear before the panel, saying his silence will "confirm" his involvement in the 2G scam.

    "Is it not time Mr Prime Minister that you speak on these issues by appearing before the JPC?" Mr Sinha, a member of the Joint Parliamentary Committee probing the 2G issue, said in his latest letter to the Prime Minister. (Read full text of letter here)

    "You had said in your letter of April 2 (to Sinha) that you had nothing to hide. Your deafening silence on the allegations made by your own colleague in the Cabinet completely disapproves the stand you had taken," he wrote.

    Mr Sinha said the Prime Minister should appear before the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) as the allegations levelled by Raja "constitute a set of serious allegations of your personal involvement in the 2G scam".

    His letter comes a day before the JPC meeting convened to adopt the controversial draft report which gives clean chit to the Prime Minister and Finance Minister P Chidambaram.

    "Your silence will confirm the worst fear of the people of India that you were fully involved in the 2G scam and if Raja is guilty, so are you," he wrote.

    Hinting at a stormy meeting of the committee tomorrow, Mr Sinha said, "Under the leadership of your party member PC Chacko, the JPC is facing the risk of a complete stalemate, if
    not total destruction."

    In a statement to the JPC, Raja had said on Monday that he took "every major decision", including entry fee and non auction of spectrum, after consulting Prime Minister Manmohan
    Singh, P Chidambaram and Pranab Mukherjee. (Read A Raja's statement here)

    Mr Raja's statement to the JPC came after the draft report of the 30-member committee indicted him of misleading the Prime Minister on decisions taken with regard to 2G spectrum

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    Re: Yashwant Sinha to PM: Silence will confirm you were part of 2G sca

    PM, Chidambaram, President and Raja must all answer since they are the only ones who were involved in shaping the affairs and they have to be cross questioned to know the truth.

    Chakoo, having failed to reveal the truth should be made accountable.
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    Re: Yashwant Sinha to PM: Silence will confirm you were part of 2G sca

    There is overwhelming evidence against PM but he is being protected by Congress by making A Raja the only scapegoat. He has not made one reply against the allegations of A Raja and has not deposed before JPC. All points towards the fact that he was in the know of everything happening on telecom policy but he decided to turn blind eye and therefore culpable for dereliction of duty as Prime Minister and therefore should resign.
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    Re: Yashwant Sinha to PM: Silence will confirm you were part of 2G sca

    MMS is guilty as punch. So cannot say he never knew.

    Lols. Why don't some Khangressi file a case against A. Raja for insulting MMS?
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    Re: Yashwant Sinha to PM: Silence will confirm you were part of 2G sca

    He would mouth some bird brain shayari like he did last time, 'hazaro jawabo se achchhi hai meri bewakufana khamoshi...'
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