Xu Caihou of China arrived in Pentagon and made seven common perspectives

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    Reported from Global Times:

    On October 27, Chinese vice chairman of Central Military Committee arrived in Pentagon, where the US Defense Department is located. Xu and US Secretary of Defense Gates held a one-hour meeting, which was the first time bilateral higher level military leaders' Face to Face Communication.

    At the meeting, seven common perspectives were built:

    To promote the high level leaders' reciprocal visits;

    To enhance the cooperation in humanitarian assistance and emergency dealing;

    To cooperate in medical treatment especially affected areas dealing with each other;

    To expand mutual contacts and exchange in miliatary services with each other;

    To add the plan of medium low military officers' exchange;

    To strenghen the exchange in culture and sports with each other;

    Besides, Gates has planned to visit China the next year, as well as MarunChairman of Joint Chief of Staff.

    Later, Xu placed a wreath at the tomb of those dead people during 9.11.

    US President Barack Obama met Xu Caihou, Deputy Chairman of the Central military Commission of the PRC, in White House during his visit to the USA. In the dialogue Obama said that his administration will dedicate itself to the establishment of a comprehensive cooperation relationship with China and he will make full effort to promote the military relations between two countries.
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