Wrong to blame Pakistan for 26/11: Salman Bashir

Discussion in 'Foreign Relations' started by hit&run, Jul 17, 2012.

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    This Salman Bashir is now in India talking to our media because they have been ass kicked by rest of the world. Now these shameless Pakistanis are finding India good to be friend with to sound more reasonable as a genuine state.

    Its a shame that Indian channels and extreme left Journalists are giving coverage to these constipated Pakistanis and letting them contaminate our air and fair opinions about them. It is so frustrating that these Pakistanis are neither going to respect India and our people nor our way of life, will keep sending fanatic Pakistani terrorists to kill our citizens but at the same time Indian politics will keep sparing them unconditionally.

    I remember watching a Pakistani show where a bastard Journalist Junaid Salim was commenting on Pakistan cricket team playing in India during WC. He mocking us that we are doing all we can teasing India and playing in their cities and town at the same time. This is the real mentality of all Pakistanis who cheer for their terrorist killing Indians and InA but at the same time watch our movies, listen our songs and use Indian politicians in power as a breather when facing worst PR ever and then tease and mock ordinary Indians/hindus.

    I call their coward terrorist COAS Kiyani and Musharaf to come out and apologies to India for what both have done, salute our leaders and flag which they refuse and directly talk to us, than sending/directing your poodle Pakistani politicians to India to save tarnished image of your nation being raped by NATO everyday.
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    He is absolute right ... coz they knew it India govt. has no balls only running behind vote bank...:mad:

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