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    Indian rupee sign is the currency sign used for the Indian rupee, the official currency of India. The design was presented to the public by the government of India on 15 July 2010.
    Finally Indian Rupee (INR) has got its own Symbol. To popularize the Rupee currency note, Govt. of India has picked up the design made by Shri D Udaya Kumar. The rupee symbol represents the Devanagari script which in Roman represent R for Rupee. There are two parallel lines in the symbol one actually of Devangiri Script and another for representing it as a TriColor National flag as explained by the Udaya Kumar. Udaya Kumar is assistant professor at IIT Guwahati.

    The big problem, however, that could take up to 2 years is the updating of software to be able to type the new Rupee symbol on a computer, let alone the presence of it on the keyboard. EURO, British Pound and Yen were carved out a long time ago and even now it’s only the US Dollar that is present on most computer keyboards. However, it isn'€™t required for a Symbol to be present on the keyboard to make it appear on a web page.
    Like, for British Pound, we can type £ or £
    Japanese Yen - ¥ or Â¥
    EURO - € or € and generate their respective Symbols.
    Type Indian Rupee Symbol in Computer:


    Type the new Indian rupee symbol shown in the image above with a normal English keyboard. Follow the procedure below for the same.

    1. Download the free Indian rupee font from here
    2. Now install this font on your computer by just double clicking and then click the install button in windows 7 or copy the font file in C:WindowsFonts folder

    3. Now open word or any other editor like notepad for example and change your font to Rupee Foradian.
    4. And then press tilt key [~] below the escape key to type the new Indian rupee symbol

    The Indian rupee sign is currently used in all leading newspapers and can be seen in any price tag for products. Also various articles in papers where currency is to be used, this new sign is adopted instead of previous sign (Rs). Various new solutions for the usage of the Rupee Symbol have been also developed like WebRupee provides an API which facilitates the usage of the Rupee symbol over the web. Additionally, the Ubuntu operating system is the first computer program to support the Rupee symbol out of the box.

    Type Indian Rupee Symbol in Website or Blog:

    Indian blogs run on blogger and WordPress making of use of earlier way of representing Indian Rupees. I really want to inform all Indian webmasters that to make use of API method and get converted all previous written Rupees presentation automatically into latest Rs. symbol. Its we who need to notify all other world about this changes and get our latest Rs. symbol on the top of any other currency symbol.

    I also made two symbol and uploaded on web:

    16 x 16 Indian Rupee Symbol: 32 x 32 Indian Rupee Symbol

    http://i2.lulzimg.com/5c636b31e7.png or


    Yes this is simplest and easiest method. Just add a JavaScript on your header.php for WordPress or on blogger add it between <head> .. <body> and get all your previous Rupees into latest symbol presentation Rs.

    1. Login to your WordPress admin or Blogger dashboard, goto Header.php [WordPress] or Edit HTML [blogger]

    2. Copy and paste the below JavaScript between <head> .. <body>

    <script src="http://cdn.webrupee.com/js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    By doing this API method all of your old Rupees on older post get automatically converted to latest symbol Rs. .


    This method is applicable mostly for Static HTML/CSS based Web pages that we develop on Adobe Dreamweaver. But also can be used on WordPress, blogger too. Just add the below stylesheet on style.css [WordPress] and similarly on Edit HTML [blogger] and Save. But this method I won’t recommend because doing this method wont change the previous post Rupees into Rs.

    1. Copy and Paste the below style before on WordPress, blogger, or web pages.

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://webrupee.com/font">

    2. Now go to NEW POST [blogger] or ADD A NEW POST [WordPress] and always make use of either of below options to show Rs.

    <span>Rs.</span> 500


    <span>₹</span> 500

    On using either of above 2 methods the output always remains in Symbol.Don’t you feel this was a coolest and simplest method for letting the world know about this major development shown by we Indians? Isn’t it a cool symbol than any of other available currency symbol.

    Note:It is not grantee that symbol will display after this process but maximum of site are able to use with own programing.You can Try Both Method in Notepad html in you pc.

    Source:How to Write Indian Rupee Symbol in Computer - Website/Blog

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