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    Please don't get too much stuck up with the whole incentive thing.

    May I mention, just yesterday we were contacted through a mail by a senior military professional deputed with the DRDO, and on numerous other occasions we have been contacted by senior serving and retired military professionals, bureaucrats, media personalities, corporate leaders and more. The reason I share this is because DFI is a forum which has been able to expand it's outreach to people who matter in the decision making of the country, and we are being keenly followed by such and many more people.

    The main idea is to create a think-tank from here, where we are a stepping stone, and this one initiative is just one of the many more steps lined up, of course in times to come you all will hear of DFI from more than just one medium, the present one. So, make as much of this opportunity, for who knows what you might suggest might end up being discussed and implemented in and by the corridors that matter in India's decision making process. And eventually this one initiative helps you to enhance your thinking and writing skills, and you could well be the think-tank India has been waiting for all this while.

    We look forward to quality work, and chip in with as much as you can.

    Enjoy writing!
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    Hear hear!
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