World’s second cloned buffalo doing well after surgery

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    Cloned buffalo doing well after surgery

    CHANDIGARH: World’s second buffalo clone Garima, born on June 7 at Karnal in Haryana, is making good progress after it was operated for a rare congenital anomaly, the doctor who led the team of surgeons said on Thursday.

    Garima, born at the National Dairy Research Institute, was operated for a urinary disorder. The calf excreted urine through a persistent opening in the umbilicus instead of the natural opening.

    “It had a swelling in the umbilical region and was passing the urine through persistent opening present at the level of umbilicus since birth,” said N.S. Saini, Professor and Head of the Department of Surgery and Radiology at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. Dr. Saini led the team that operated on the clone on June 22. — PTI

    The Hindu : Other States / Haryana News : Cloned buffalo doing well after surgery

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