"Wooden" light bulb

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    Wooden you buy this?
    (Credit: Ryosuke Fukusada)


    The concept of an illuminated piece of wood might seem hard to visualize, but Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada created a surreal wooden light bulb that would make anyone do a double take.

    Fukusada, who previously worked with Sharp, designed the "still under development" lamp with a "mix of modern design and traditional craft technique," as noted on his Web site.

    Those worrying about the bulb catching on fire need not worry: the fixture employs LED lights within, which radiate bright light at a low temperature. Despite zero risk of danger, the glow effect given off by the bulb looks startlingly similar to something that caught fire. An aluminum socket finishes off the exotic shiner, which recently received an award during the Kyoto Renaissance design competition.

    The appearance of the wooden LED bulb during daytime and nighttime illumination.


    Wooden light bulb shines like Sauron's eye | Crave - CNET
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