Withdrawal from Kashmir not an option

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    Army chief brands flag- hoisting
    row a ‘ political game’

    By Rahul Kanwal in New Delhi HEADLINES TODAY

    General Singh told Headlines Today in an exclusive interview: “ Jammu and Kashmir is a complicated set of things.

    There has to be a holistic view on what we do there. We have to take a very different view for the long term. Don’t take decisions for the sake of expediency for a certain purpose. You have to have focus and resolve, and the government should put some people on the job.” The army chief also asserted that troop withdrawal from Kashmir was not an option at this time.

    “ The day the 42 camps on the other side are wound up and Pakistan stops its proxy war, that would be the time to withdraw our troops. Until that time, it is not possible to do so,” he said.

    “ J& K is not about mathematics. We have to be pragmatic about troop reduction.” He also stressed that it was impossible for terror camps to function without the support and complicity of elements in the Pakistani establishment.

    At the same time, he added that it was in India’s diplomatic interest that a dialogue process with Pakistan was kept active.

    General Singh warned that the country was ignoring the ideology being preached in the Valley at its peril.

    " We must look very closely at the ideology being preached. What are we doing to counter this ideology? Are the mainstream political parties doing anything about it?” he asked.

    Emphasising that the army was not an obstacle to political endeavours, the General suggested that the entire approach to J& K required new thinking.

    Asked about the series of scams that have been plaguing the army of late, General Singh said: “ I have to ensure that the backbone of the army is stiffened.

    It had become flexible. We will spare nobody — whether you are a sepoy or a general, nobody will be spared if you do wrong. It is certainly sad, but these scams are aberrations. We have told our rank and file that if you see something wrong happening, stand up and speak out, or you will be considered part of it.” The army chief also expressed hurt at the damage scandals such as Sukna, Adarsh and Kandivali have dealt to the army’s image. “ It is my fervent desire, I have made a promise to myself that I will not allow these things to happen again.”
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    The General probably already knows that the response of the mainstream parties have been mixed and at times contradictory to one another.While the BJP has decided not to concede any more political space to the separatist ideology and challenge it with the countervailing ideology of total and complete integration,congress and its supporters have chosen the path of mollycoddling separatist ideology,by giving it a patient hearing,providing it a national platform,perhaps hoping to prepare the Indian populace for whatever was in store,musing about granting the valley more autonomy and somehow enabling its integration with POK,in general everything that would help further entrench the separatist ideology, much to this nations detriment.

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