With Taliban’s Revival, Dread Returns to Swat

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by ladder, Jul 27, 2014.

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    With a stellar operation against Taliban where PA killed Taliban in 100's and drove the rest out. And subsequently established garrisons in SWAT with so much vigor and keenness that local farmers say they were driven out of their land in a jiffy against their wish and for which they haven't got compensation. How can the Taliban be back? How did they manage to?

    And so how many members here are willing to bet 2 Rupees with me that Waziristan operation will be any different?

    And human rights violation, how is it possible? How can PA do that to it's citizens? The violations are carried out only by evil Hindu army in occupied Kashmir. :sad:

    And children dying of hunger? How is it possible? Didn't Pakistan govt. transfer 40,000 PKR to each IDP in their mobile account? :confused:
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