Will kill 20 Indians for one Bodo: NDFB

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    Will kill 20 Indians for one Bodo: NDFB

    The banned National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) on Monday threatened to carryout massive strike in Assam if security forces continue their operations against the outfit and kill its cadre in the name of encounter. In an email to media houses here, the deputy military chief of the outfit B.

    Jwangkhang alleged that in the name of counter-insurgency operation, police and army were killing innocent Bodo people.
    “We cannot tolerate killing of innocent Bodos by security forces. From today ... if any NDFB cadres were killed by security forces in the name of fake encounter the Boroland army would take action against any Indian (sic),” he said.

    Boroland army is the military wing of the banned outfit. “We will kill 20 Indians against killing of one innocent Bodo by security forces,” Jwangkhang added in the e-mail.

    The email from anti-talk faction of NDFB came on the day when Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) deputy chief Kampha Borgoyari met chairman of the outfit Ranjan Daimary at the Nagaon central jail for talks.

    NDFB had triggered one of the deadliest serial blasts in Assam on October 30, 2008. About 98 people were killed and over 5,000 injured in the blasts.

    Following the outfit’s warning, alert have been sounded in BTC areas. The state govenment spokesman, Himanta Biswa Sarma said the government would not bow down to terror. “People of Assam raise voice against terror. We will never bow down to terror.”
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    Wow! I estimate the number of persons in that organization to be around 20, you dumb Dodo.

    The NDFB has declared a unilateral ceaserfire many times, in an effort to whimper out of the conflict with the government. The government has not reciprocated the gesture, and continued operations against the militants and leadership in the jungles of Assam. With a favourable government now in Bangladesh, the days of their top leadership, which were reputed to be holed up there, are now over.

    The NDFB has suffered several reversals in recent months.

    Here's a list of the incidents, past and recent, involving the 'National Liberation Front of Bodoland':

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    This time, there should be no accepting ceasefire because ceasefires are used to regroup, re arm and continue the terrorist attacks. This time the Army should crush these scums with brute force and if Human Rights gets involved, screw them as well.

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