Will crush electronic media, Shinde says

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    MUMBAI: Known for making controversial off-the-cuff remarks, Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Sunday targeted the electronic media for its sustained vilification campaign against the Congress. If a Solapur-based scribe is to be believed, while addressing a party workers' rally in his hometown, Shinde went to the extent of saying that such media should be crushed.

    However, on Monday, Shinde denied making such a statement. "I never said that the electronic media should be demolished or crushed or that it is responsible for communal riots in certain areas," he told TOI, adding he meant the social media.

    Shinde said his reference was to the proliferation of the social media. "In my speech, I blamed the social media for the flare-up in the Northeast. My contention was that students from the Northeast settled in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka were targeted in the wake of a sustained campaign in the social media," he said.

    According to the scribe, Shinde did target the electronic media on the ground that it was consistently acting against the Congress. Apparently, Shinde's reference was to a series of poll surveys, which clearly stated that owing to the Modi wave in the country, it will be difficult for the UPA to retain power.

    A month ago, Shinde was locked in an unexpected row following his statement that he would have been happy to see NCP president and agriculture minister Sharad Pawar as the prime minister. His statement had caused a flutter in political circles in New Delhi, since on the same day, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had declared that he would be happy to see Rahul Gandhi as his successor.

    According to a senior Congress leader, ever since a section of the electronic media published the poll surveys, the Congress was unhappy with these organizations. "Congress leaders feel that all these surveys are manipulated and that they have no substance," he said.

    Will crush electronic media, Shinde says - The Times of India


    Shinde Sir, you have only couple of more months; let's see....
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    NO wonder the Congress Party is a sinking ship.

    Too many birdbrains infest it at the highest rung, to include the Home Minister and the Foreign Minister, the latter blaming the ex Home Secretary for the Italian Marines fiasco.

    Italian marines case: Samlan Khurshid, RK Singh cross swords over 'fiasco'
    Reacting to Khurshid's remarks, Singh said, "It seems the minister doesn't have basic knowledge of law. It is for the investigating agency to decide under what section a criminal should be booked and tried. Thereafter, it is for the court to take a call on the investigating agency's decision. The minister must know that there is no role of third person in it."
    Italian marines case: Samlan Khurshid, RK Singh cross swords over 'fiasco' - The Times of India
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    Shinde saab why the terrorist across border were not crushed after 2008 mumbai attack? why pak army was not crushed when they beheaded our brave soldier

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