Will Cong warm up to Naidu in Andhra?

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    HYDERABAD: With the virtual anointment of Rahul Gandhi as the Congress Prime ministerial candidate, the party's focus is on getting back to power in 2014. But analysts believe that UPA-3 cannot be a reality without the Congress bagging at least 30 seats in its traditional stronghold of Andhra Pradesh. All political moves in the state will be designed to achieve this objective. In the 2009 elections, the Congress won 33 (out of the total 42) seats from Andhra Pradesh.

    Congress high command representative Vayalar Ravi sharply reprimanded Seemandhra politicos who had called on him in Delhi last week lobbying for united Andhra Pradesh. He had said: "Can you assure me that you will secure for the Congress a majority of seats in the Seemandhra region?" The Seemandhra leaders had returned crestfallen. "That is the conundrum. The Seemandhra leaders do not want Telangana - where the Congress high command avers that the party will get a majority of seats in case a new state is formed. Yet, they are unable to commit that they can deliver seats for the Congress in Andhra and Rayalaseema region," political analysts say. In that sense, the interests of the Congress high command in Delhi and that the powers-that-be in the AP Congress have begun to diverge. Those who observe political trends closely say that local Congress leaders from Seemandhra will use every trick in the book to foil Telangana.

    For a central government not disinclined to grant Telangana, outbreak of communal trouble in the region can be a compelling reason for not dividing the state. Here both the BJP and MIM have come in handy for the anti-Telangana lobby. The BJP has raised the communal temperature by raking up the issue of the Bhagyalakshmi temple. The MIM has played ball what with speeches first by Akbaruddin Owaisi and then by Pasha Quadri doing nothing to promote communal harmony. Though there has been no rioting, the strident position taken by the two parties has vitiated the ground situation.

    Analysts say that it is in the interests of the Congress high command to woo Owaisi back into the UPA fold and also to strike a deal with Jagan. Owaisi, while breaking away from the UPA, had chosen to spew venom on the local Congress bosses led by Kiran Kumar Reddy accusing him of being an agent of Hindutva. The expectation is that the party at the national level can still do business with the MIM. This is in the belief that Owasi is not so miffed with Sonia and Rahul.

    Given half a chance, the Congress would have also done business with Jagan. But Jagan had been unyielding to start with. Now in jail for so long, the Congress does not know how to rope him in and yet not lose face in the public. "A deal can be ruled out at this stage. After all how do you project a guy whom you have locked in jail on serious charges of wrong doing?" asked an analyst. Congress analysts, however, perceive that the Jagan fever is subsiding in Andhra/Rayalaseema and by 2014 his party may not be able to sweep the polls in the region. The erosion of support for Jagan could lead to an improvement of fortunes for both the TDP and the Congress. Yet there is a possibility that the two parties would cut into each other's votes. In this context, some analysts have mooted a proposal for getting the TDP and Congress together.

    TDP sources said that Chandrababu Naidu is chary of tying up with the BJP-led NDA coalition for the 2014 election. "He feels this will wean away the minorities from him, which he can ill afford," said TDP sources. But with the Congress as his main opposition in the state, Naidu has always been forced to be on the other side. But now with Jagan emerging as the new political force, the Congress and TDP can do business tacitly to stymie the YSR Congress' rise. Such an alliance can never be open and there can be no formal pre-poll alliance. But post poll 2014, Naidu can well support the Congress at the Centre if the Grand Old Party allows him to corner the glory in his home state. Will this happen? That's the million dollar question.

    For Rahul's sake, will Cong warm up to Naidu? - TOI Mobile | The Times of India Mobile Site
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    Congress will have a post poll alliance with both MIM and YSR-CP in the name of secularism. Watch out the drama.
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    To remain credible and for survival a drowning man will clutch any straw!

    Andhra is an albatross around the Congress' neck.

    Either way it is in a bind.

    The Owassis have both been arrested.

    So, they better toot for the Congress or else..........

    The usual practice to ensure loyalty and support.

    Old game - Laloo, Mayawai and Mulayam made to surface to salvage the grand old party in need!
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    Political heat over the Telangana statehood demand rose as the Seemandhra and Telangana Congress leaders intensified lobbying for and against separate Telangana in New Delhi on Monday.
    Over 50 Congress MPs, Ministers, MLAs and MLCs from Seemandhra region, who reached the Capital this morning commenced parleys with the central leadership. The delegation first met the All-India Congress Committee (AICC) Andhra Pradesh observer Vayalar Ravi, but could not get his audience as the latter was leaving for Kerala. He, however, assured an appointment on Tuesday evening.
    The leaders then met party general secretary Digivijay Singh and Treasurer Motilal Vora. During their interaction with Mr. Singh, they made a forceful plea against bifurcation of the State explaining the possible consequences.
    Talking to reporters, Mr. Singh said that as he wasnot holding charge of Andhra Pradesh, the issue has been entrustedto Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde to make an announcement onthe issue on January 28. Interestingly, the APNGOs leaders led by its president Gopal Reddy and others accompanied the Congress delegation. They said they would not hesitate to launch an agitation if the State was divided.
    AP Congress Legislators Forum convenor S. Sailajanath said they were in the process of impressing upon the high command that any decision to divide the State was not in the interest of the ruling party. They submitted a separate memorandum to the Congress leaders.
    Telangana leaders optimistic
    The Telangana Congress leaders, meanwhile, geared up to counter the Seemandhra Congress leaders’ claims. Telangana Congress leaders, predominantly first timers, held an emergency meeting in the Congress Legislature Party and decided to proceed to New Delhi on Tuesday to join their party MPs from the region.
    Government Whip Arepalli Mohan and others told reporters that the Congress leadership appeared inclined to take a favourable decision on Telangana and appealed to their Seemandhra counterparts not to obstruct the process. TheT-MLAs were particularly critical of Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal whowas trying to provoke people of both regions with his “unparliamentary” remarks.
    The Hindu : States / Andhra Pradesh : Lobbying intensifies for Seemandhra, Telangana
    I am hoping for coup in AP congrass(eitherway). Result in split,thus all other parties can get their pie.

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