Wikileaks : GOI sought funds from UN fund for Democracy set up by US

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    GOI sought funds for quasi governmental organisation Rajiv Gandhi Foundation from billion dollar UN Fund for democracy floated by USA.

    B. NEW DELHI 2501

    Classified By: DCM Robert Blake, Jr. for Reasons 1.4 (B, D)

    1. (C) In a May 2 meeting with PolCouns and Poloff, MEA
    Joint Secretary (United Nations/Political) Sanjiv Arora said
    that the GOI plans actively to promote the UN Democracy Fund
    (UNDEF, Ref A) to Indian NGOs and civil society
    organizations, including via the MEA's Internet site, and to
    facilitate these groups' applications to the Fund. He did
    not rule out a future direct role for the GOI in conducting
    UNDEF projects, but said that such participation was not
    likely in the near-term. Arora also left open the
    possibility of supporting appropriate international NGOs on
    projects that dovetailed with New Delhi's democracy-promotion

    2. (C) In response to PolCouns' suggestion that India take
    the lead in replicating its Afghanistan program of democracy
    promotion/training in Central Asia, notably in Kyrgyzstan --
    following up on A/S Boucher's conversations with the MEA (Ref
    B) -- Arora replied that, for the time being, the GOI would
    be more likely to support and possibly join a UNDEF-funded
    project under an NGO's leadership. He emphasized that the
    first step would be for the Kyrgyz to request such
    assistance. Asked about empowering a quasi-governmental NGO
    like the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to conduct such projects,
    Arora recounted that this idea had been examined in the
    run-up to President Bush's visit, and had not found political
    support within the GOI.

    International Center for Democratic Transition
    --------------------------------------------- -

    3. (C) Asked about the status of India's participation in
    the International Center for Democratic Transition (ICDT) in
    Budapest, Arora reported that the GOI fully supports the
    concept and "now is the time for specifics." He added that
    India's Ambassador to Hungary Ranjit Rae should soon be
    notified to the ICDT as India's representative once the last
    GOI bureaucratic boxes have been checked off. In the
    meantime, Rae has been fielding ICDT suggestions for projects
    where India might play a role, for instance on Haiti.

    Comment/Action Request: India Invested

    4. (C) Arora's engagement demonstrates New Delhi's strong
    sense of ownership in the UNDEF and its interest in
    capitalizing on India's founding role. He was fully current
    on UNDEF planning and discussions in New York. Arora (and
    the Foreign Ministry) clearly see the UNDEF as a key element
    in UN reform writ large, and their interest in replicating
    their Afghanistan precedent is evident.

    5. (C) ACTION REQUEST: Arora will be in Washington May 10-12
    for the Peacekeeping Joint Working Group, and expressed
    interest in meetings with DRL, G, or IO, following up on his
    past conversations with U/S Dobriansky on operationalizing
    the UNDEF. Please keep Post informed as his schedule firms

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    Re: Wikileaks : GOI sought funds from UN fund for Democracy set up by

    GOI changed its mind apparently on RGF and wanted to set up a democracy institue under the auspices of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

    B. NAIR-FERRAO 3/14
    C. NEW DELHI 759

    Classified By: Charge Bob Blake for Reasons 1.4 (B, D)

    1. (C) The Charge, accompanied by PolCouns and Poloff,
    called on Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma
    on March 16 to further our discussion on democracy
    initiatives. Charge explained USG reservations regarding the
    initial GOI proposal to establish a New Delhi office of the
    UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF) (Ref C), emphasizing that we would
    strongly support an institution with an Indian, rather than a
    UN, imprimatur, which could work in tandem with the UNDEF.
    In response, Sharma explained that GOI thinking had advanced
    beyond the message delivered to PolCouns on March 13 (Ref A),
    and that Sharma had sent a letter to the trustees of the
    Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) to solicit the Foundation's
    views on setting up a democracy institute under its auspices.
    Sharma had briefed Sonia Gandhi, the UPA Chairperson and
    head of the RGF, on the ideas, and Mrs. Gandhi is fully on
    board, he assured us.

    2. (C) New Delhi is aware of the US desire to establish an
    Indian institution, Sharma said. However, the GOI assesses
    that an alignment with UNDEF principles and practices will
    help ensure that the affiliate NGOs would meet India's
    standards for credibility in working through the proposed
    democracy institute, he explained. PolCouns suggested that a
    concept paper from the GOI on how the institute would
    function would crystallize the idea and help us both to move
    it forward in time to have progress to announce at the time
    of the next meeting of the UNDEF Advisory Board in June 2006.
    Sharma took note of this target, underlined India's
    commitment to engage on global democracy issues, and lamented
    that the press of other US-India business had delayed a
    further response to the ideas paper he had received from U/S
    Burns on February 24.

    3. (U) Visit New Delhi's Classified Website:


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