Wikileaks : CBI a 'pliant pawn of political masters'

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    US had termed CBI a 'pliant pawn of political masters': Wikileaks

    JALANDHAR: The Supreme Court may have termed the Central Bureau of Investigation a "caged parrot" in 2013, but a US diplomatic cable had termed the agency a "pliant pawn of political masters" in 2007, while sending a summary from New Delhi, detailing the developments about a court ordering reopening of cases against Congress leader JagdishTytler, after the CBI had filed a closure report.

    However, the US cable, sent on December 20, 2007, made public by Wikileaks under "Kissinger cables," held that the developments also demonstrated "the fierce independence of Indian judiciary".

    It also held that Tytler was among the local Congress leaders competing with one another to see which wards would shed more Sikh blood. "In exhorting his party cadres and goons to kill more Sikhs, he is reported to have told them that they shamed him in the eyes of top Congress leaders, because there were fewer killings in his wards," the diplomatic cable details by Wikileaks read.

    "Many commentators view the Congress party's involvement in inciting and murdering innocent civilians in 1984 as far worse than the purported role of Gujarat chief minister Modi in condoning the 2002 Gujarat riots," the cable from Delhi embassy of US read. "None of the mob leaders have been convicted in the 23 years since the riots," it noted.

    "The killing by his henchmen apparently ensured his success in establishing Congress party bona fides and demonstrating fealty to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, because he has regularly been given Congress party ticket in parliamentary elections since then and has served as a federal minister in Congress-led governments," it commented while discussing the politics of massacre and failure to deliver justice to the victims.

    "The Nanavati Commission's original investigation into Tytler's role during the riots had found 'credible evidence' that he played a role in organizing the communal attacks, but the CBI controversially recommended closure of the case in September for lack of evidence and because Jasbir Singh, a witness who moved to US, supposedly could not be traced.

    While Modi had been denied US visa, the cable noted that despite his notoriety, "we learned recently that Tytler has a valid B1/B2 visa."

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