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    Post in question was : THANK YOU China- great move! India should follow , in the world affairs forum. It had to do with huge animal rights change in china.

    Is animal rights not a world issue? EU and developed world bans whale sharking. refuse trade of many items from many countries based on this. Dolphin hunting has earned sanctions against companies world wide. People go to Jail over it. In India sanctuaries are protected and fines and jail time is issued against perpetrators. This is very much a big issue with developed countries. Cosmetic industries are banned from trade because of use of some drastic measures in animal abuse. Would a thread about India's progress in saving the Bengal tiger and increasing its numbers be deleted here?

    Please kindly tell me how this post ( see below) is quote " irrelevant thread" .

    The Chinese government issued a ban on animal circuses and certain types of animal abuse at zoos that went into effect on Tuesday.

    According to The Telegraph, the ban entails several different stipulations that zoos will need to comply with, and pertains to the 300 state-owned zoos that are part of the China Zoo Association. Firstly, the zoos will be forced to stop pulling the teeth of tiger cubs so that zoo visitors can hold them. Zoos will also have to put a halt to the selling of animal parts in their shops, and the zoo restaurants will have to refrain form serving dishes made using rare animals. On top of this, zoos will need to end the attractions in which live animals are sold to visitors and then thrown to the wild cats, allowing the visitors to watch the cats rip the defenseless animals to shreds. Finally, the zoos will also need to provide the animals with adequate housing, away from disturbance and irritation, reports Newser.com.

    Unfortunately, these are not even the most shocking events that take place at these shows. Xiao Bing, the chairman of the local animal protection association in Xiamen, told The Telegraph:

    "I also saw one entertainment park where the monkeys seemed to have wounds all over their bodies. The manager told me the monkeys got hurt during live monkey-fighting shows."

    The Animals Asia Foundation, which has been attempting to end the exploitation of all animals for years, recorded a video cataloging the abuses of animals in China. The animals are made to live lives of pain, misery and fear. They are whipped, beaten, declawed, and have their teeth ripped out. Elephants are prodded with electric shocks during training sessions. Black bears are guided and pulled around by cables inserted into their nostrils. According to the narrator of the video, Terry Waite, "Like with any form of torture, they either succumb or die."

    After a three-month investigation, China's State Forestry Bureau discovered that more than 50 zoos contained animals that had suffered severely from abuse.

    While the ban is, of course, a positive thing, it also causes some problems to arise.

    Apparently, the non-state zoos say that they were not notified of the ban. However, David Neale, the Animal Welfare Director at Animals Asia, insists that there will be avid policing to make sure the ban is enforced.
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