Why the Heads were Choped off?

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    It is important for the society to know why the heads were chopped off, what lay behind the motivation of such an act committed by the attackers.

    Pakistan Army:

    What is the entity called Pakistan Army? What is the reason for its existence? What is the Motivation? What are its objectives?

    From the Pakistani Army Official Website:

    Motto of Pakistan Army


    To have faith and trust in Allah and consider oneself:-

    A follower of none but Allah.
    And a follower of none but his messenger.

    The concept of “no deity except Allah” is always alive in the Muslim’s heart. A Muslim recognizes that Allah alone is the Creator; their He alone is the Provider and Sustainer that He is the true Reality, the source of all things of all benefits and harms. This requires that He alone be worshiped and obeyed. “No deity except Allah” also includes the question of authority as the right to govern belongs to the One Who created him.

    Belief in Allah’s messenger means accepting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the last messenger sent by Him. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the spokesman for God by His authority. The duty of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not only to deliver the message which Allah revealed but also to explain it and put it into practice as an example to be followed by mankind.


    Taqwa signifies:-

    The fear of Allah.
    Guarding ones tongue, hands and heart from evil.
    Righteous, piety and good conduct.

    Taqwa connotes the sense of protecting oneself from moral peril, preserving one’s virtue, and guarding oneself against the displeasure of Almighty. It is, thus, a kind of awareness or consciousness by means of which one protects oneself from sliding into evil.


    The real objective of Islam is to shift the lordship of man over man to the lordship of Allah on the earth and to stake one's life and everything else to achieve this sacred purpose. The Arabic word “Jihad” means to struggle “or” to strive. In as much as “Jihad” is a struggle, it is a struggle against all that is perceived as evil in the cause of that which is perceived good, a cosmic and epic struggle spanning time and all dimensions of human thought and action, and transcending the physical universe. The Islamic Law regulates declaration of Jihad as also the limitations are imposed on its conduct.

    So the Pakistani Army is an Army of Ghazis fighting to spread Allah's Message through Jihad Holy War as mandated by Islam that:


    Image posted on Pakistani Army website​

    So the entity called Pakistani Army is more clear now. from where do they get inspiration and motivation.

    Let's go to History:

    Battle of Badr

    The Battle in Modern Context:

    Some Old Practices:

    Battle of Badr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Treatment of Prisoners of War ​

    Reproduced from Ch. XV of The Muslim Conduct of State 7th edition, Sh. Muhammad Ashraf, Lahore, Pakistan by Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah

    Prisoners of War

    Battle of Badr from the Official Saudi Government website:

    Great Battle of Badr

    Read this in the Context of Pakistan(Muslims) and India (Hindus):

    Great Battle of Badr

    The battle of Badr between Muslims, led by the Prophet (Pakistan Army) and Quraish (India) of Makkah led by Amr bin Hisham bin Al-Mugheirah Al-Makhzoumi, known as Abu Jahl, near the wells of Badr in the Southern parts of Madinah took place on March 13, 624AD corresponding to 17th Ramadan 2H and ended up with a big victory for Muslims and the death of Quraish Leader, Abu Jahl Amr bin Hisham bin Al-Mogheirah Al-Makhzoumi.

    The Battle

    The polytheists (Hindus) arrived to Badr and encamped at the valley, while Muslims (Pakistan) went down at the lower part of the valley, and Muslims built a bower for the Prophet on a hillock, and he continued to pray fervently, saying: "O God. Quraish had come with her conceit and arrogance to accuse your messenger of lying. . O God, grant us the victory which You Have promised me? . If this gang were destroyed today You will not be worshipped on the Earth," and his cloak fell off his shoulders, so Abu Bakr told him: "O Messenger of God be sure that God will fulfill His promise to you."

    Muslims have filled up the wells of Badr with stones and sand after they took their water, so that the polytheists would not be able to get water. Before the battle began, three noble men of Quraish, namely: Otbah bin Rabi'a, and his brother Sheibah, and his son Waleed ask the Muslims to fight a duel with them. Three of the Ansar but they said, saying: "O Muhammad, bring forward our equivalent counterparts our cousins", so the Prophet "peace be upon him" called on Ubaidah ibn al-Harith and Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib, and Ali bin Abi Talib Hamza encountered Sheibah in the combat and killed him, and Ali encountered Al-Walid and killed him, then Obaidah combated with Utbah, and they wounded each other, so both Hamzah and Ali attacked Otbah and killed him, and the war became intense and raging. God supplied the Muslims with angels to fight with them, and the Qur'an said: "Yea, -- if ye remain firm , and act aright, even if the enemy should rush here on you in hot haste, your Lord would help you with five thousand angels making a terrific onslaught" . Thus, the battle ended in victory for Muslims and they defeat of the infidels, and seventy of the infidels were killed while seventy others were taken as prisoners. . The Martyrs among the Muslims were fourteen, and Muslims have thrown the dead bodies of the infields into one big hole. As for the prisoners, the Messenger took 4000 Dirham for each prisoner of war in compliance with the advice of Abu Bakr. However, the prisoner who did not have the redemption was given ten of the Muslim boys to teach them reading and writing.

    The Return to Medina

    And then the prophet left victoriously and triumphantly, along with the prisoners and loots. When he arrived at Al-Safra'a, he divided the loots and beheaded Al-Nadar ibn Al-Harith bin Caldah, and when he arrived at Irq-Dbayeh, he beheaded Oqbah ibn Abi Meit. The Prophet then entered Madinah successful and victorious, causing fear to every enemy in Madinah and its surroundings, and many people embraced Islam, and it was then that Abdullah bin Ubai Al-Munafiq and his companions have entered in Islam with pretense.

    Pakistan Army is just aping (inspiration and motivation) what their Prophet did against infidels aka polytheists. Who are polytheists here? Hindus!

    So the beheading was justified as per Islam because Mohammed did that to the infidels, so today's infidels (Hindus) will get the same.
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