Why Population control is not on top of our agenda?

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by dineshchaturvedi, Oct 18, 2009.

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    I was recently analyzing the growth India has seen and how it changes the image world over. I realized that our Industries have grown, our middle class is getting stronger by the day, but we still have one of the largest below poverty line population. I firmly believe that this is going to be major issue in India. With the growth of population resources will dry, we have limited amount of water, the more people we have the more less water per person. The same applies to everything else, food, crime etc. This gives me an impression that population is major driving factor for our problems. This brings me to another question, why we are so unconcerned about this problem. I have not seen any political party having population control in their agenda why? I know the urban population at large is taking steps on their own, but what about rural population.
    I do not want to elaborate more as we are all aware, let’s start debate, and throw your ideas.
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    great topic ,maybe netas dont want to loose their vote bank as poor masses are easy for mass votes
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    I can understand india not wanting to copy a china ,but lack natural resources should be of great concern. This year india had a bad monsoon season ,what if lack of water meant lack of food in the shop's.At the same time the goi not having the ability to import food into the country due to a lack of funds.

    You might think its a bit far fetched,but having the natural resources to sustain your population is very important.My own view's are for population control but i'm not sure how you can achive this.Education is very important, my parents come from families where they have 4 or more kids in the house,my wifes family is the same.Roll forward 35 years and now 2 children per family are normal ,i think education can play a big role.

    Also all political parties should think of the country and not not point score on this issue when in opposition.

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    in a fast food joint next to the imperial shipyard
    India is still primarily a rural conservative nation, here there are still many people below the poverty line or close to it for most of these people the only entertainment they have after going home is producing babies , these people do not understand birth control or family planning because the government has not been able to explain things to them lucidly and easily, this in turn is because there is still a stigma in our society in general about talking on *** n general and safe *** in particular.The urban upwardly mobile Indian is already having only one or two kids it's the rural masses that matter in the long term.
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    Population is a huge concern and the whole world population is growing at a fast pace. India's rural population believe that more children are better and the children will help them when they are older. I think India needs to be more proactive about it's population and it needs to educate it citizens more on safe sex and maybe a limit to the number of children a family should have. It's a touchy subject but we need to control our population because a larger population is a drain on huge variety of things.

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