Why Modi’s changed approach to Pakistan more likely to yield détente

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    All these years India has patiently, if not in a moribund manner, accepted and borne Pakistan's shenanigans along the LC and the dastardly acts of terrorism and gone back to the business as usual attitude and engaging in 'peace talks' that has always been abject failure because of the Pak Army's superior role in guiding the Pak Govt policies.

    Infiltration has waxed and waned and to state that it is because of the Indian attitude to constantly accommodate Pakistan would be far from the truth. It has and always will depend on the vigilance and the weather, not to miss good intelligence about the machinations being hatched within Pakistan.

    With Manmohan was a friend to all, he has not been able to work his personal popularity with the world leaders, into a liking for India. Modi, on the other hand, is a hands on person or so it appears. He is robust and does not mince his words. He has also gone out to extend a hand of friendship with the neighbours including Pakistan. Therefore, the old image of India as a Big Brother has been diminished and a cooperating neighbour image has dawned. This has been a very effective foreign policy initiative.

    The manner in which he has reached out to Nepal, Bhutan and even Sri Lanka has been noteworthy, unlike the sleepy hollow activities of the UPA Govt whose foreign policy was led by a cosmetic expert Salman Kurshed, the acme identifier.

    The latest initiative in the Burdwan bomb case, which is mainly domestic, will go a long way to indicate to Bangladesh that India is keen to ensure that its soil is not used to destabilise neighbours. Both Sheik Hasina and Khaleda Zia was on the cross-hair of the JMB operating from West Bengal and Assam and they and their supporters will heave a sigh of relief and be thankful.

    With Doval, the ex RAW man, as the NSA, there is a good possibility that the Gujral Initiative, will be tossed out of the window and a more pro active intelligence gathering network will be in place in Pakistan so that the nefarious activities of Pakistan is know well in advance.

    The manner in which with alacrity, the NIA and the NSA has worked their way in unravelling the diabolical activities and the structure of the terrorist organisation and funding, to include the connection of the Trinamool MP, indicates that the Intelligence agencies have been injected with purpose and given the teeth.

    Notwithstanding, which is the right path - Manmohan's or Modi's?
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    Re: Why Modi’s changed approach to Pakistan more likely to yield déte

    "cosmetic expert"


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