Why Islam took a violent and intolerant turn in Pakistan, and where it might lead

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    A very pragmatic and interesting analysis of Pakistan.

    It is true that Pakistan is in an identity schizophrenia, but to right it off would be too premature.

    The core problem of Pakistan is its quandary of identity and its internal struggle to best India without realising the inherent contradictions that are in constant churn making it lose its steam and coherence as a responsible state answerable to its people and being concerned for the general well being of its citizens.

    Modern progress Islamic nations, which not losing sight of their religiosity, are sensible enough to keep religion in the background and instead face the realities of existence. But Pakistan, keeps religion paramount and national well being in the background.

    Unless Pakistan changes it mindset and education system that keeps religion paramount and decry others or pursues an anti Indian tirade in the text books, it will continue to be consumed by its contradictions.

    One may read the following on the Pakistan education system:

    Education Reform in Pakistan

    The Subtle Subversion
    AH Nayyar and Ahmad Salim

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