Why is India still shy to raise the issue of Gilgit Baltistan?

Discussion in 'Gilgit Baltistan' started by Yusuf, Mar 11, 2013.

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    ut i think India has learned its mistakes, recent issues like sino-pak economic corridor and glgit elections were raised by India, the only thing left is that they should raise this matter with more force and zeal.
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    India must take back Gilgit-Baltistan through war and re-organize this north-west of Indian subcontinent called Pakistan into multiple new countries. That is the only practical option. One can't just close his eyes and pretend everything will be alright automatically. India must have firm war plan and clear strategy for managing the 'Post-Pakistan North-West'.

    Although war is ugly and undesirable, sometimes there is no other option. The only other way for resolution of Pakistan problem that I can think of is that Pakistan voluntarily gives back occupied Gilgit-Baltistan to India as a friendly gesture and becomes some kind of semi-protectorate of India and a secular quasi-dictatorship. But the ego and Identity crisis of Pakistan's parasitic elite class makes this option much more difficult than the war.
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    Jawaharlal Nehru the innocent politician ( a contradiction of terms ) handed leadership of the resolution of the matter to an international body the UN, by which act he excused himself of leadership of a matter which was firmly in our jurisdiction at a moment when his Military commanders informed him, we were within 4 days of taking all of Kashmir ( i.e including GB )

    it is now more than 4 days - it is now more than 4 years, it is now more than 40 years ...it is now approx 60 years after the event .

    In 1971 Mrs Gandhi and her planners outfoxed the ccp-china government by waiting till winter in December 1971 when china tanks were stuck due to non-all weather roads and could not act to save pakistan from losing their eastern wing. any time up to the moment when ccp-china learned that lesson was still opportune time to get back GB . But india did not act . There was 23 YEARS of opportunities from 1948 to 1971 AND INDIA DID NOT ACT !

    Even in 1965 when India after losing to china had learned a lesson well and trounced pakistan in that war we had multiple opportunities to take back GB, BUT WHAT DID WE DO ? we gave them back territory taken in Kashmir, we handed it back to them !

    even Sir creek , we held it, and then ? we GAVE IT BACK TO THEM !

    our wonderful MMS singh was contemplating giving the Siachen glacier back to Pakistan and collect a Nobel instead .

    with leadership like that , who need enemies ?

    so the policy of the goi through the decades HAS BEEN CONSISTENTLY IRRATIONAL - and that is my attempt to answer your question .

    basic irrationality gone to ludicrous levels .- taking territory at the cost of the loss of life and limb of our jawans and then insulting them by giving it back to the enemy - as if the jawans sacrifice was worthless .

    Now China has entered the equation . they have built sturdy all weather roads and deposited missiles in trenches and subterranean dumps .

    It is now rather late ! it is pretty much all over ..

    To ask the BJP to do something now after 60 years of rot having set into the problem is like resurrecting Lazarus fro the grave - in this case he's dead and gone !

    if at all this problem an be solved it will have to be by the same methods that pak is using in Jammu

    The lesson to learn is that when a good opportunity presents itself, - take it ...the various goi before this present one , which i respect , apparently did not learn that lesson , we had multiple opportunities in the past, we did not take them , we did not act .no vision, no management .

    Now to ask BJP to raise manifesto and all that is like mopping up the already spilt milk . It is like asking a psychologist to reform and change a fully-grown 60 year old man who has gone decades in the wrong direction. .....simply unrealistic .

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    Six decades of political destruction will not be fixed quickly. India fought four wars with Pakistan but not much has been gained from the victories ?? When it comes to issues involving Pakistan india is always reactive and Pakistan seems to be more proactive. I have never seen this with any other larger and smaller nation scenario? Currently indian government can only go in damage control mode. There were many opportunities but india lacked the will or foresight or strategic vision to protect indian interests.
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