Why hindu girls are converting and marrying muslims in pakistan

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    Dear Children and the female members of your family,

    Liberal fascists and secular SAFMA brigade has been trying to malign this madina-e-sani Pakistan by spreading propaganda that Hindus (baniyas) are being persecuted, abducted and their girls (especially teens) are kidnapped, forced converted and married off to older, middle aged Muslim men.

    Let us make one thing very clear, mulk halat-e-jung me hai, oops.. sorry for that. Let us make one thing very clear, this is not the situation. This is a propaganda by RAW and CIA agents against the pious, 5 times namazi, patriotic Muslim men of Pakistan.

    Today this fukeer will tell you the reason why Hindu women especially 14-15 years teenagers are converting and marrying already married Muslim men. Some of you might be burgled by western Zionist media that men’s chest hair are the most attractive to women. And men with huge amount of chest hair are treated as Superman and make the women lounging for sex. Which is an utter lie. We reject it.


    The ----eer has analyzed that Hindu women, especially the 14-16 years old Hindu teens find the beard (not the chest hair) of a middle aged men so sexy that it makes them wet between their legs. On the top of that the 45 years old bulging belly plays the charisma and leaves the Hindu teenagers sexually helpless, craving for the pious, generous, patriots, ant-SAFMA Islamists Muslim men. The beards of Muslim men have been seducing Hindu women ever since Bin-Qasim (tried to) seduced the teenage girls of Raja Dahir.


    Now you may want to know why they do not go to Hindu men? Answer is very simple. The Hindu men shave their beard off and grow chest hair thinking that they look sexy. But they do not realize it is not the chest hair but facial hair that have the capabilities to give mini orgasm to Hindu women.

    Take a look at our brave mujahids ready to seduce, convert and marry Hindu teens. Take special note to our short mujahid in white cap holding the crossed no secularism placard (no one told him the concept of double negatives). He has groomed his beard with panache. What style he has got MashAllah!


    Start growing your beard and you will soon see how Hindu teenage girls and based on your preferences, Hindu teenage boys will be jumping on you for few minutes of your. Stay firm and keep it firm (we are talking about beard, moron). Great khair is coming.

    Your future Calipha,

    Zaid Hamid Dadhi Waley

    Why Hindu girls are converting and marrying Muslims in Pakistan � Zaid Hamid Official Blog
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    You can't make this stuff up! Absolutely hilarious!

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