Why Google Is Quitting China

Discussion in 'China' started by Vinod2070, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Why does China even need online censorship anymore? It has already reached a decent level of wealth and education for its citizens. I'm sitting in Russia right now, which isn't exactly a paragon of democracy, but I can surf on Google and YouTube the same as anyone else, and there are no riots on the street here or anarchy. I don't understand why the Chinese government is still obsessed with censorship.
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    There is censorship everywhere - just the level of sophistication is different. There is no such thing as free speech and free society. Democracy is really a rule by a faceless cabal masqerading as sanctimonious bullshit.
    Don't fall for any propaganda.
    There are good reasons to censor Google - psy-ops, brainwashing, thought imposition and control - not to mention possible profiling and blackmail. In short, our future leaders will be who and what Google and it's owners / controllers want them to be - unless we are careful.
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    every country practices censorship, the trick is how far it goes.

    Google, Facebook and YouTube are well known for manipulating public opinions by spreading false information, they are effective tools of American hegemony.
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    Because the wealth is not equitably distributed. On one hand the rich in China are rolling in luxury and on the other hand Chinese assembly line factories have nets installed to prevent people from committing suicide.

    Even the US heavily censors and molds the news they feed their population. There are people protesting in S.Korea asking for the removal of US troops stationed there, in light of growing cases of clashes with locals and sovereignty issues, but the US media twists the news and tells Muricans that the people of S.Korea are protesting for the US to provide free military umbrella to them and they are upset that the US might leave. In reality their administration has paid a heavy price and actually wants the US to leave.

    Same with protests in Germany where the US has a data processing center for all its drone data links. The German civil society activists are protesting against having that building there, but the US tells its people "we provide them security and they are protesting because they don't want to pay for it". Then there is the case of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which were never found by any independent body other than the news anchors of Fox and CNN who have never been out of their studios.

    China has taken a step in favor of its national security. India should have something like this in the pipeline. India recently sent notes to Facebook asking their data centers to be moved to India but they didn't oblige. These guys only understand the language of realpolitik.

    People pay to have their advertisement up on Facebook, but the CIA doesn't even have to pay. US companies are so deeply linked with their intel departments that during an election, they can simply profile the political inclination of Indian voters based on their browsing habits and tune their algorithm to display newsfeeds which will shift their views in a certain direction. They can control the outcome of your elections without having to spend a dime. All the color revolutions in Ukraine, Russia (which were thwarted), the Arab spring, the Turkish coup had Facebook and Twitter's active co-operation. When Tunisia shut down the internet, Twitter came out with an SMS based tweeting service exclusively for Tunisia, within 8 hours. Why the itch to act so swiftly? is this not a political move?
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    I see this as follows.

    China is a country with a huge manpower pool which can be deployed very cheaply in numbers which others will find it difficult to compete with. China has sufficient fund to support their own program and spine to take stand and play foul with other companies. To compete with china, they need a better skilled manpower pool available in abundance at a low cost. There is no destination in the world except India where this availability is present. This is bound to push them to do business either in India or with Indian manpower. This will generate tremendous opportunities for India and Indians in days to come. What silent revolution we observed in the mobile sector is the testimony to this facts. In coming days, I foresee more and more research centers opened in India by all multinationals. This will not be a choice for them but a compulsion. They can not support R & D with their limited not so smart manpower though they have a money power to build big research laboratories. I am little disappointing with BJP government in center for not supporting R & D in India. In this area, they are not much better from UPA.

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