Why gaining a vocational skill is no guarantee of a job in India

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    Dipankar makes some valid points.

    Skills, actually, can be developed if there is a basic knowledge/ education and most importantly, aptitude and interest. That is the nub of skill translating into job s and productivity.

    One does not have to be educated for many skills, but one must have the aptitude and interest. For instance, there are many highly paid top chefs in 5 star hotels, especially for Moghul cuisine, who can hardly read or write. And yet they are fantastic cooks since they have the aptitude and interest, having watched and learnt from their father under whose apprentice training they were.

    Imagine, unlettered Syheltis of Bangladesh, are making a killing as cooks in British restaurants passing off as 'Indian' restaurant with 'Indian' cuisine!

    Or being waiters and with the speed restaurants are opening up in India, waiters are in high demand.

    Then there are flower decorators who do the marriage pandals or for parties of the bold and beautiful. They also make a killing even if not educated. Quite a few are from Bengal as I have seen while touring the country.

    Or the goldsmith artisans (again seen many from Bengal) or for that matter any artisan.

    Therefore, while the idea of having a skill development programme for India to address the issue of job creation, yet one requires that a qualified counsellor advises the candidates their avenue for jobs, based on their aptitude.

    Or the cottage industry sector. It is time to boost our ancient Indian skills.

    The pickle and home product industry require many workers as been done by the Lijjat people.

    What about barbers? Habeeb or AN John (actually Jan of Lahore), who are millionaires now, are barbers of yore and now, hair stylist (sic!).

    The sky is the limit.

    But then those who are to join, after skill development have to be motivated that all jobs are not high paying and to tone down the stars in the eyes.

    There are many who are dropouts or even illiterates. Yet, jobs they must have.

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