why don't we have a NATIONAL DEFENCE POLICY?

Discussion in 'Defence & Strategic Issues' started by ark200, Sep 19, 2014.

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    yesterday i was reading an article which says that indian army, nevy and airforce upgrade themselves alone which means that there is a serious lack of coordination. there is NO national defence policy that put a coordination among these 3 forces. so that each will understand the others need and will upgrade accordingly. there must be a synchronization among forces. management issues bro.
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    That is untrue. There is no published or stated national defense policy. This is for strategic reasons. Politically India is playing a careful balancing act between several major world powers, and hence the ambiguity is helpful to our cause. Our basic military strategy is simple:

    1. Naval expansion is the most important as we strive to increase our influence in the Indian ocean region and improve our ability to cut off Chinese oil and supplies in case of a major war. Our submarine fleet is aging and lacking and is one of our top priorities. We are also building a 3rd 60K tonne aircraft carrier so that we will be able to operate three carrier battle groups simultaneously.

    2. Airforce, working on moving air assets to better engage China on LOC, modernize aging fleet while working on our own indigenous LCA Mk 2 and others. Waiting around for a viable 5th generation aircraft option.

    3. Army - shoring up Indian defenses on LOC, acquiring mountain specific helicopters and gear, such as ultra-light motors.

    I've skipped a lot, this is just the super basics and I probably missed a few things. At the very very basic level our strategy is to bide our time, let our economy develop and be able to defend in case of a two front war with China and Pakistan. Keep in mind while China is the stronger military force, defenders usually have a 3x advantage in combat, India also has an advantage is far greater global support and the ability to buy all the modern western weaponry it wants to, which is blocked for sale to China and vastly superior to their own domestically produced hardware.
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    First of all no Defence Ministry.

    It reflects our pacifist approach & defensive mindset.

    It should be clearly spelt out as Ministry for War.

    War includes ( Advance , Attack , Defence, Withdrawl/ Relocation, including Internal conflicts etc)

    Why not spell out our War policy ? It requires clarity of thought ( which is missing among the ruling elite ) backed by capability to respond to any challenge/ threat envisaged by the policy makers.

    A clear cut policy is not only a deterrent to potential or existing enemies but a rallying point & cutting edge focal point for the Forces !! Go for It !!!

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