Why does India dither on bringing Dawood to justice?

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    Why does India dither on bringing Dawood to justice? - India - DNA

    Friday, Aug 2, 2013, 7:30 IST | Agency: DNA
    S Balakrishnan

    Early this week, the Delhi police filed a charge sheet that stated Dawood Ibrahim masterminded the IPL match-fixing scam. This seems a civil effort on the part of the Delhi police when compared to the two attempts that the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) made on his life in 1994. Though the killing mission had been worked to the minutest detail, they were aborted at the last minute as the highest police authorities balked at it.

    The first plan was to send a team of highly-trained assassins to Karachi where Dawood lives in a palatial house in upmarket Clifton area close to the beach. A team of four assassins was provided extensive training in the use of sophisticated arms and explosives and also briefed about the geography of the Clifton neighbourhood. A getaway plan was also worked out.

    The government gave preliminary approval for the plan following which the hit squad was flown to Kathmandu, given fake Nepalese passports and despatched to Karachi. The arms and ammunition were sent across to a safe house in Karachi by using the route used by smugglers. The area was closely recced. Even as the assassins, who were all hardcore members of the Chhota Rajan gang, were making last-minute preparations to go for the kill, the central government, led by the then Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao, asked that the plan be put on hold.

    “We had confirmation that Dawood was in his house at that time. We even had details of the layout of his plush house and its vulnerable points. We were completely taken aback when the Centre asked us to pull out and that too at the last moment. We had a zero-failure plan in place and we would have definitely eliminated Dawood. Till today, it is a mystery why the final approval was not given to us,’’ a senior intelligence official observed.
    One of the hitmen was later involved in the gunning down of a close aide of Dawood, Sharad Shetty, in Sharjah in January, 2003. R&AW had even worked out another plan to force the landing of the aircraft carrying Dawood in Mumbai.

    Sleuths of R&AW had been keeping a close watch on the movements of Dawood. He used to fly to Jeddah, Singapore and other destinations in a special aircraft accompanied by his handlers in the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan. “We planned to send Indian Air Force jets to escort Dawood’s aircraft once it left Pakistani airspace and then force it to land in Mumbai. This was riskier than the earlier plan, but we were confident of pulling it through. However, once again the government developed cold feet,” the official stated.

    Sources in the Mumbai police said it was a matter of shame that a criminal living in Pakistan was able to conduct his illegal operations in India with impunity and nothing was being done by the government to neutralise him. “The government is even afraid to hand over to us the dozen properties of Dawood in Mumbai which were seized by the income tax department.

    Twice these properties were auctioned, but there were hardly any takers because of threats from the D gang. Only one shop at Tardeo was successfully bid by a Delhi-based lawyer a few years ago. But to date he has not got physical possession of this property because of threats to his life from the gang. If the government is so much scared of Dawood, then how do you expect us to move proactively against him,” a crime branch official on deputation to the Intelligence Bureau asked.

    The Mumbai police had collected massive evidence of the collusion of a Pune-based gutkha businessman with Dawood and his brother Anees, who is also based in Karachi. Despite this, the Mumbai police is not being given a free hand to arrest this businessman. The police have evidence of how this businessman travelled to Dubai on a regular Indian passport and from there went to Karachi on a forged Pakistani passport and used his contacts with Dawood and Anees to threaten a rival gutkha manufacturer.

    Even now, a close relative of Dawood based in Bhendi Bazar is holding darbars doing “mandvalis” or settlement of disputes between builders and other businessmen.
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    Upto 80 percent of India is hindu or jain . Many hindus and all jains are veggies .

    From where do these people bring the killer instinct to do acts of bravery---you tell me ??

    That is why I have said that temples of Kali mata should be established all over the country where goats should be sacrificed so that we get used to spilling of blood . Then we can move on to killing those harbored by Pakistan , or at least bringing them to justice .
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    Dawood was in Pakistan,but has been chased out,Nawaz Sharifs special e

    Dawood was in Pakistan,but has been chased out,Nawaz Sharifs special envoy

    LONDON: For the first time, Pakistan has admitted to the presence of one of India's most wanted terrorists Dawood Ibrahim but said he has been "chased out" and could be in the "UAE".

    "Dawood (Ibrahim) was in Pakistan but I believe he was chased out of Pakistan. If he is in Pakistan, he should be hounded and arrested.:)omghaha:) We cannot allow such gangsters to operate from the country," said Shahryar Khan, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's special envoy for improving relations with India.

    The former diplomat said he stressed that if the gangster were in the country he would have been arrested by now.

    He was speaking to reporters at a pre-launch event organized by the Indian Journalists' Association for his latest book 'Cricket Cauldron: The Turbulent Politics of Sport in Pakistan' here.

    "I think he is in the UAE. The Nawaz Sharif government is very much in favour of taking action against criminals who not only affect Pakistan but also any other countries, whether it is India or Afghanistan or wherever. We cannot allow criminals to flourish in the country. If they come to us, we will take action. That is why I think he (Dawood) has left Pakistan," Khan added.

    The former Pakistani foreign secretary also reiterated the newly-elected Pakistan government's commitment to hold talks with moderate elements of the Taliban.

    "Pakistan has been in favour of discussions with the Taliban of the more moderate ilk. But a large number are not moderate. There are those operating in Pakistan who are not moderate. However, Pakistan remains inclined to talk to the reasonable ones," he said.

    Dawood was in Pakistan, but has been 'chased out', Nawaz Sharif's special envoy says - The Times of India
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    Akhand Bharat
    Re: Dawood was in Pakistan,but has been chased out,Nawaz Sharifs speci

    Dawood is bread and butter for both India and Pakistan secret agency, Why disturb him:taunt1::taunt1:
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    Re: Pakistan accuses India of shelling as Kashmir tension simmers

    This post will be shifted to the Relevant Thread.

    But I have a few questions, and I haven't seen the said show.

    Was BJP govt mulling such an op or they actually planned and prepared for it ?
    if they had sanctioned it then why didn't they go ahead or they failed ?
    If such plans were made for Dawood, then why not for others ?
    From a cursory glance, BJP took no decisive action which even remotely hints that they would've sanctioned such an op.
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    Re: Pakistan accuses India of shelling as Kashmir tension simmers

    A big hit team was assembled, it failed to take off as Sheikh Makhtoom is a biz partner of Dawood. The details were complete, only go ahead was needed to kill him or kidnap him to a waiting IN ship off Dubai coast with MARCOS acting as travellers thru normal visa process and bringing him out. The failure wud have seen him killed and MARCOS being lebelled as unidentified.
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    Re: Dawood was in Pakistan,but has been chased out,Nawaz Sharifs speci

    in ra&w they teach a basic principle "intelligence organisations do not identify who is friend and who is foe, the country's foreign policy does"
    we do not know what understanding does our country heads have with dawood
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    Because it requires balls to drag out a terrorist from a terrorist country and hang him.

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