Why do Pakistanis have a huge inferiority complex wrt India ?

Discussion in 'West Asia & Africa' started by satyam, Aug 30, 2010.

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    May 19, 2010
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    Now they are blaming IPL and BCCI for yesterday match fixing event . Here is one of the many comments .

    How on earth is a team of world class players who bring so much joy and excitement to the game paid so little i feel ashamed as a england cricket fan and cricket lover that there is such a world of diffrence in what the pakistan players earn which is pennies compared to what our england team and the rest of the big cricket nations earn the pakistanis are like the brazil or spain of football yet here we are in the 21st century paying international stars crumbs its time for the ICC to get its act together and sort out a wage structure so the best players are out there doing what they are born to do and dazzle us with there brilliance these are entertainers and superstars who desserve to be paid the correct wage instead of being insulted cricket needs pakistan!

    if you go back to read what i said it will all become clear no point getting your panties all twisted up i was just pointing out the social conditions and diffrences in india and pakistan for the majority are no diffrent i never said indian players should earn less or dont desserve to i was just pointing out the pakistani players deserve to earn the same as indian and england players regardless of social and economoc conditions these are the best players in the world who are getting paid pennies and i only used the example of social and economical conditiuons when a few posters mentioned india and pakistan especially as over a billion people in india live in deep poverty over 80 percent on under a dollar a day now you can go have a kit kat and a cup of tea and relax.

    So that means Indian players should donate their salary to Pak . :angry_10::angry_10:
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    Aug 11, 2009
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    Because they hate India so much that they will be happy not by their own development but by destruction of India. and we should work hard for our own development. We also have lots of problems. Let them think what ever they want.
  4. sky

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    Aug 12, 2009
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    Its up to the pcb to pay its own players wages it feel's it can afford .There are many aspects to generating cash for cricket.
    1 tv rights
    2 sponsorship
    3 match day taking's
    4 advertising
    5 size of population and its gdp
    6 in pak's case war terror and it's side affects. i.e sri Lankan visit last year.
    7 top sides wanting to play in your country,which generate big buck's ,in pak's case zero.

    There are some some thing's you can do to create the right conditions where by cricket can flourish ,so you can pay your top star's the hefty
    salaries. India,Australia,England,South africa enjoy.

    Pakistans war terror is only harming these chances,but then this is the path they chose to take.So my cup of human kindness is running very low.
  5. Yusuf

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    Mar 24, 2009
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    State of everything in pak is related to its state of the nation (if at all a nation). Yes their cricketers are paid pittance but that is because their board does not make much. Reason, no one wants to tour terrorland. Its all a rippling effect. Their economy is in shambles. They want to send terrorists to india and kill indians but they also want to send their cricketers to india and make money as well and then curse india for not letting them do so. All in all its the state of their nation that dictates everything else.
  6. SHASH2K2

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    Bihar, BanGalore , India
    pakistan is all that they wanted us to be and we are all that they themself wanted to become . Their country has no future while we are cruising . They survive on AID and we are supposed to give them AID so this inferiority complex is justified.

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