why did Niira Radia got caught ?

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    Coomi Kapoor Posted: Sun Dec 26 2010 why did Niira Radia got caught ? :emot15::emot15::emot15:

    Niira Radia made a major mistake by using the services of a network provider for her mobile phone which was actually her own client’s rival. Whenever the government orders a phone tap from a private network, the name of the person under surveillance is sent to the telecom company, which in turn forwards it to the nodal officer of the network for interception. If Radia had only used her client’s network, she would have presumably been alerted about her phone surveillance.

    Radia’s chutzpah was also her undoing. She rubbed many powerful people the wrong way. For instance, after the CBI raided the Department of Telecommunication earlier this year, Radia boasted she had got the DIG in charge of investigations transferred within days (His transfer was categorised as routine as he’d been on deputation for seven years).

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