Why Chinese aircraft manufacturers hide cooperation with Ukraine

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    Почему китайские авиастроители скрывают сотрудничество с Украиной

    In the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai The International Aerospace Exhibition Airshow China-2012. It was the most extensive since 1996, when he began to be the only Chinese air show. At this year's Airshow China-2012 was attended by representatives of about 650 companies from 39 countries. Contracts were signed for $ 11.8 billion to entertain guests aerobatic teams from China and the famous "Russian Knights". Manufacturers introduced about four thousand new passenger and freighter aircraft valued at more than $ 400 billion
    Olga Tanasiychuk Zhuhai especially for "Izvestia in Ukraine"
    Wednesday, November 21, 2012 , 8:11

    A secret around the world

    Ukraine - a regular participant Airshow China. Exposure of the sample in 2012 included stands Kiev ASTC. Antonova, Zaporozhye JSC "Motor Sich" and machine CB "Progress". Ivchenko, Kharkov Corporation "FED", SC "Bushmaster" with its member companies. I must say, in the past few years there are more representative scale. This time there was even an official delegation as such, as it is and, more importantly, very appreciated in China. True, the exhibition was visited by delegation of Russian Ministry of Defense, but it is as similar delegation of Air Force from 15 countries came at the invitation of the Chinese side meet with Chinese novelties, and not to promote their own. In addition to the stand Antonovites, with its often happened at the shows, but still eye-catching models of aircraft, including the AH-70, the other exhibits Ukrainians brought. In previous salons participated and "live" aircraft. Now all the information is contained only in the booklets.

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    However, such events are not designed for casual onlookers who should lure bright "toys." Here almost everyone knows each other, and the days of the exhibition almost by the minute painted for meetings with partners, little room for negotiations are never empty. They were signed several contracts, including "Motor Sich" to provide technical assistance in the repair of engines. "FED" has received several technical tasks and hopes to make them contract. Though, and say that the show - not the place of contracting, newsletters Airshow China-2012 were filled with reports of those between Chinese and leading European manufacturers, it was their "benefit."

    It is appropriate to note some overall specificity of Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation in the aircraft sector. Even in its purely civilian plane. Chinese companies have greatly appreciated the opportunities of Ukrainian design engineers. Especially the engine builders and creators of various components and assemblies. And get a lot of our products. But almost never mention this, describing the success of its new flight techniques, emphasizing the "independent development" and "China's intellectual property." Yes take at least raspiarenny medium-jet ARJ-21, for which CCAMLR designed a unique wing. Nowhere and never look you in the Chinese sources that Ukraine has helped in creating this ship. It is not flight-qualified, although he could be, if Kiev does not pushed from the process. The same applies to another famous aircraft - the training L-15. It is called one of the best in its segment. Engines for a supply of Zaporozhye. I should add that literally the first day of the show producer training aircraft Hongdu Aviation Industry Group and the Export-Import intermediary China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation - CATIC stated that they had signed with some foreign customer contract to supply Early next year, 12 of these machines. Here, however, the Ukrainian side about anything was not known.

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    So it is quite understandable fact "deep secrecy" of representatives of leading domestic enterprises in the industry. They flatly refused to talk not so much about the "secrets", but also about the things that have long been are not. Some referred to the strict instructions of superior keep his mouth shut. Others recognized that the appearance in the media, even bits of information about the Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation in the field of bitter resentment of Chinese partners, who almost accused of violating the terms of service Privacy.

    Motor trade

    At the moment, the most promising of the bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and China can be considered is engine building. In this area, while the Chinese are not up and forced to buy foreign. Although in the last edition they presented their new developments - the engine Minshan, which ultimately threaten replace Zaporozhian units on L-15, as well as engine Jiuzhai small jet aircraft. When in fact, the Chinese aircraft be equipped with Chinese engines is difficult to say. As once said in a conversation with me one very prominent engineer, do something they do, but that's only the Chinese pilots are afraid to fly on such machines. However, do not underestimate local designers literally any equipment. They never bothered that most of the "inventions" suspiciously resemble foreign counterparts, at various times purchased in single units.

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    As for the finished aircraft, then sell them in the market we are unlikely to succeed: the current fleet consists mainly of American cars Boeing and Airbus, European production, present here and the Canadian Bombardier, and Brazil's Embraer. The latter, by the way, successfully creates together with the PRC Regional ERJ-145. Compete with these giants, which are well established in China, has not yet obtained neither we nor the Russians. In 2001, managed to sign a contract to supply China with two An-74TK-300, however, and that has not taken place. In addition, in recent years, China has been actively working to create their own modern passenger liners. Certain niche is involved in life extension and modernization of the original versions Antonov aircraft of the Yun, sold in China in the middle of the last century, along with the documentation. Y-5 - a licensed version of the An-2, Y-7 - An-24, the prototype Y-7H and Y-8 became the An-26 and An-12. However, after the execution of the contract in the deep modernization and plane Y-8F-600 Antonov occurred in China prolonged pause. Antonov now developed a new (there were 40) modification of the 65-year old "veteran" AN-2, AN-2-100, and hope that it may interest the Chinese partners.

    And not "grow together" in the Russian-Ukrainian An-70 project. This car is exhibited in Zhuhai in 2000, and then it was of great interest. Ukraine was even willing to sell the technology to China, which is radically different from the proposals of Western producers. However, due to certain reasons it did not work.

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    Flight Technology

    The fight for the fastest growing aviation market in the world is understandable. According to experts, in the next 20 years China will need nearly 5,000 new passenger aircraft. Of these, more than 4 thousand - big, almost 900 - regional. And if the production of the latter as China tries to cope on their own, then to create your own great ship still be a long time. Even the expected single-aisle C919, certification who want to spend in 2016. The experts strongly doubt the reality set deadlines. That, however, does not interfere with local airlines to place on it, and ARJ-21, certification, which moved in 2014, literally hundreds of orders.

    Meanwhile, in China itself actively deployed the largest manufacturers of aircraft assembly. So, Airbus A320 collected dozens at the plant in Tianjin - one of these machines were first introduced in Zhuhai this year. And the next they will be produced in the north of Harbin. Global giants also maintained closer to the consumer release of parts and assemblies that use and build their own airplanes, and service centers and training centers.

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    The same happens with the helicopters. Despite the fact that there is not the volume of impressive, China is one of the world's largest potential market for civil helicopters, both large and small. According to Eurocopter, the main supplier of helicopters to the Chinese market, in 2020 the volume of purchases will be thousand units compared to the current 300. Right at the show with great fanfare signed another contract Bell and Sikorski. Russian helicopter can see for yourself, but not limited to, opportunities in the heavy transport Mi-26T, lifting most of the world. Interest in them is greatly increased after the devastating 2008 earthquake in Sichuan province. If only because of this colossus could remove people from remote areas. Put these machines in China still only three, but the country is going to order them about a dozen. It should be noted that the D-136 engines for these giants of Ukrainian origin, "Motor Sich". Now the company has created a new modification of the high-power system with electronic control - D-136T2. Today, it is generally the largest turboshaft engine in the world. Negotiations on these engines were also held in Zhuhai. A "Russian Helicopters" Meanwhile, in a joint venture Sino-Russian Helicopter Service Company Ltd created in the eastern province of Shandong Qingdao service center for repair and delivered to China of Russian helicopters, both civil and military. It operated mainly medium multipurpose helicopters series Mi-8/17 and heavy transport Mi-26 and Ka-32.

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    Small aircraft in the form of business jets and private planes while still in its infancy in China, but will gain momentum, especially after the adoption of the law by the authorities about the opening of the sky at low altitudes. A lack of clients in a country where nearly three million dollar millionaires, of course, will not. Among other things, the production of light-vehicles for such customers - American Cessna and Cirrus - it will be set in the seaside Zhuhai. Contract for the assembly of business jets Citation XLS Cessna Aircraft Company was signed right during this exhibition. Experts believe that in the next 5-10 years in China an era of personal air transport.

    Military training

    The military component is perhaps the most important part of the air show. The exhibition is held under the auspices of the Air Force People's Liberation Army of China and opened its Deputy Commander of the PLA Air Force Chzhuo Laytsyan.

    Zhuhai exhibition is not so much designed to ensure that others see how much of the fact that the show itself. PLA Air Force here bring new, but not the newest, samples of their military equipment. And the officers themselves, including a surprising number of women, who constitute a large part of the audience. This year has been demonstrated 20 military aircraft of 13 types of Chinese, representing approximately Shust of the total number of aircraft. Among these aircraft early detection and prevention "Kuntszin-200" and the third generation fighter J-10, with seven: they showed aerobatics performed by the local group "Bah I" ("August 1" - so the Chinese army). Caused a considerable stir premiere appearance of light combat helicopter Z-10 and UAV Wing Loong - «Pterodactyl." He was immediately nicknamed the "budget" for the rather low price of $ 1 million

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    Among the techniques, which spoke with pride of the owners, anti-aircraft missile system FD2000-range missile defense system of the new generation. The developers call it "a perfect example of the third-generation air defense missile systems, unbeaten contender platform airstrikes and ammunition", and armed with the very appearance of the complex - an indication that China is the third country to have the capabilities and technology of defense at long distances.

    Behind the scene are new items, which a lot of talk, often at the level of rumor. Among them are Chinese large military transport aircraft, which supposedly is about to make its first flight. Fourth-generation fighter J-20 and the fifth - J-31. The latter pretends to be a deck fighter for Chinese aircraft carrier.

    Western analysts to notice the obvious similarity of Chinese military vehicles with earlier versions of their foreign counterparts. Perhaps most of all claims in this matter to the Chinese to Russian producers, it is no surprise, given the considerable amount of equipment, sold them to China. But that's for a different article.
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    Because chinis have copied most of the Ukrainian aircraft illegally without giving Ukrainians $$$.:rofl::rofl:
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    we gave a lot. but we don't want Russia unhappy.

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