Why are young people from Europe joining the Islamic State?

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by Ray, Apr 6, 2015.

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    Why are people joining an organisation that is only interested in mayhem, blood letting, working against humanity and mankind and only indulging in destruction?

    Islam may have texts that can be interpreted or misinterpreted to justify violence against others. But then while religious texts cannot be erased, they can surely be interpreted in ways that are compatible with international life and relations between different communities in an interdependent world.

    Is the ISIS or Islamic State a backlash of Western military interventions in Iraq, Libya and Syria?

    If so, is it such a emotive issue that people who have been brought up in liberal democracies, abandoning their liberal ideals and comparative easier life and instead voluntarily choosing a life of strife, mayhem, bloodshed and possibly, death?

    The ouster of Muammar Gaddafi was supported by virtually all Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt. But does it mean that the average Muslim has no regard for the established Govts that supported the ouster feeling that they are mere puppets of the US and have no legitimacy except government power through instruments of repression?

    Complicating the issue is that it has also become a Sunni - Shia slugfest of horrendous proportions as is being observed in Yemen.

    Must the Middle East become a tinderbox because of the historical animosity amongst the various Muslim sects?

    Is moderate Sunni giving way to the Wahabbi cult and changing colour to become more radical and virulent worldwide?

    What is the answer to this chaos?
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