White organisms fast crawling In the depths of 6965 metres in sea

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    China's manned submersible reaches 6,965 meters under sea - Xinhua | English.news.cn

    Xinhuanet.com "Xiangyanghong 09" ship 19 June, "Chinese dragon" manned submersible 19 out of seven thousand meters of sea trial second dive test, submarine launched cruise, photography, camera near bottom, seabed tiny terrain topography measurement, and completed by the end of sediments and seawater sampling, markers placed in operation, maximum diving depth to 6965 meters.
    It is also the world similar manned submersible in the depth of 6900 meters for the first time the successful implementation of seafloor sediment sampling.

    Beijing time 19 days of five fourteen, "dragon" on the submersible was cloth into the water.Five twenty-five, submersibles began to dive.About eight thirty, submersible arrives at the bottom, then launched the near bottom cruise and sit bottom operation.12 when the left and right sides, submersible complete test plans, ballast voyage.Sixteen twenty-seven, submersible reclaim smoothly to the deck, the whole test procedure lasted 687 minutes.

    "Dragon" sea trial scene commander Liu Feng said, the dive, "dragon", in full accordance with command plan, smooth dive to a predetermined depth of operation and work place, carry out near the bottom cruise, photography, camera and seabed tiny terrain fine measurement.Subsequently, submersible sit bottom sediments and seawater complete sampling, markers placed in operation, the completion of the dive all the assessment content, submersibles, arrived at the designated location, to carry out fixed-point operations capability validation.Its maximum depth is 6965 meters, once again creating depth maximum dive time, the longest Chinese manned diving record.

    "In the depths of 6965 metres to see the spectacle, and dive before the imagination is not the same.Submarine looked barren, but careful observation, we can see the size of a fingernail white organisms on ocean fast crawling, unfortunately could not catch him, "submerged Tang Jialing said," in the sediment sampling, feeling seabed soil is sticky, as in the use of a tube into a cream."

    Liu Feng expresses, this dive, "dragon" of the adjustable ballast system can not achieve the drainage function, is expected to take about a day time to failure, and troubleshooting and routine maintenance of submersible.

    "Sea trial scene command decision 21 days in seven kilometer sea trial third dive test", Liu Feng said, "our aim is to continue in this depth verification submersible functionality and performance, to prove that it is a practical, can provide scientific research personnel to carry out deep research to provide services operation type diving device."

    He expresses at the same time, the third dive test specific dive time according to the sea, equipment and personnel condition.
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