When Manmohan Singh tried to heal Pakistan ties with Ayurveda

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    In the winter of 2005, when a chill had set in Indo-Pak relations following the Delhi blasts that killed 62 people, an unlikely avenue was explored as a form of Track-II diplomacy. A renowned Ayurveda physician from Kerala was dispatched across the border to treat various Pakistani luminaries, including then prime minister Shujaat Hussain.

    In a top secret operation, the Indian government took Dr Ravindran, medical director of Coimbatore Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, who also served as physician to former President K R Narayanan, to Islamabad. It was an idea mooted by PM Manmohan Singh, implemented by Hormis Tharakan, then chief of R&AW, and facilitated by Shiv Shankar Menon, at that time the high commissioner to Pakistan.

    During his stay at Punjab House, Dr Ravindran's initial list of "patients" included Gen Pervez Musharraf. Some contingency forced Musharraf to change his plan, but his secretary and a woman relative did brief Dr Ravindran about his health condition, especially a nagging spondylitis problem.

    The idea of sending an Ayurveda expert stemmed from a meeting between Shujaat Hussain and Manmohan Singh. "The PM advised his counterpart to try Ayurveda. Later, Singh directed the R&AW chief to facilitate treatment," a person who was actively involved in the whole operation said. "It was a wonderful human gesture. And, of course, it is all the more special when the bonding is with Pakistan," Hormis Tharakan said.

    Dr Ravindran arrived in Islamabad in the last week of December 2005 and stayed on till January 2006. During examination, it was found that Hussain was suffering from many ailments, including neurological problems. "An elaborate treatment regimen was prescribed. As a first step, Ayurvedic preparations needed for the first phase of the treatment was brought from Delhi by Menon," the source said. There was considerable improvement in Husain's health during the first phase itself.

    "But something went wrong and India cancelled the programme. The team was told to stand down twice. We believe it was some border skirmish that forced India to cancel the initiative," the source said.

    Dr Ravindran confirmed that he had gone to Islamabad. "For me it is karma to treat a patient, whoever he is. I am not bothered about anything beyond that."
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    2005.. The timing of this "news", published 7 years later, can't be politically motivated, can it? :rolleyes:

    ps. A strange bit in this article is RAW being involved in arranging an Ayurvedic. What's the deal with that?
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    One, he is an incompetent Prime Minister and up on that he is a closet Paki lover - a walking disaster for the country.
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    what are the odds that mms sent him to poison pakis ? :rofl:
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    People like Mani Shankar Aiyer, Kuldip Nayar, Manmohan et al should seriously comes to grip with reality, post-Partition, stop yearning for their ex-homeland and concentrate on India.

    After 62 innocent Indians were massacred, instead of sending RAW agents to take out the terrorist leaders there, he has sent a Ayurvedic physician to treat Pak politicians....Legendary.

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    May be these guys should be given Paki citizenship so that they can live in their former home land. There is not single act of their that can be considered pro India. All the skeletons are coming out of the closet one at a time.
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