When eating in Ramazan means asking for a beating

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Ray, Jul 26, 2014.

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    I fail to understand why this fervour of try to do an oneupmanship in piety?

    It shows immense insecurity that the religion is safe and sound and people are genuinely devoted.

    Why the insisting on cosmetic display to prove one is an adherent?

    Holding adherent to the Faith through fear and duress indicates hollowness of the idea that the religion profess as true.

    For instance the Shankaracharya wanted to perpetuate that Sirdhi Sai is anti Hindu icon. He was shouted down.

    Or some silly Catholic priest who claimed that marriage is a union by God and cannot be cast asunder. Hence the Uniform Civil Code goes against Christians. Foolish. If so, then how come the Church is not taking action against Catholics who are divorcing or using contraceptive since that is also against the tenets of the Church?

    It is time the bigots are put in their place.

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