When a 16-year-old Indian beat Google's Sundar Pichai at his own game

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    Search engine giants Google might have an Indian as a head but a kid of Indian origin has actually designed a search engine which is 47% times more accurate than Google! 16-year-old Anmol Tukrey designed the search engine as part of a project to submit to the Google Science Fair and all he needed for it was a python-language development environment, a spreadsheet program and access to Google.

    While the testing of the software was limited to news article appearing on The New York Times and provided more accurate results. Turkel claims his search engine is better because not only does it take into account location or browsing history but also tries to understand context and meaning. Tukrel is a student of Holy Trinity School in Toronto, and learned to code in Class 3. He said: “My computer teacher was pretty impressed with the project. I skipped a year in computer science, so they knew I was good, but may be not so good.”

    Turkel also runs a company called Tacocat Computers and wants to study computer science at Stanford University. If Turkel's search engine works over large chunks of date, it might be quite a game-changer.
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    Why does his program need access to Google for his search? Does his program not crawl pages for itself. I hope it does not merely take Google results and further refine the search.

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