What do you think is the Future?

Discussion in 'Economy & Infrastructure' started by Godless-Kafir, Jun 17, 2011.

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    What is the future?

    Is there an way to see it?

    The future is what we are doing today! If current trends continue what can we expect the out come to be?

    When all nations have become capitalist and democratic, and all the citizens of this world are made to aspire for MORE. The next step would be war for resources. Its been long argued that democracies are too busy with internal politics to keep their people happy that they have no time for war, but what if in the future when these same people are starved of those resources that keep them happy? All those we take for granted like water, oil, food etc, will have to be fought for, to feed their growing competitive capitalistic economies.

    War for oil is already on, only now its disguised under the name of democracy, freedom and human rights. Those very rights many of the Wests allies like Saudi Arabia violate but are over looked because they are only more than willing to sell their oil and stay out of the Wests mad capitalistic spree, which is some how meant to manufacture happiness in a factory supply chain, sounds as mature a philosophy endless supply of candy will keep the kid happy for ever. Humans tenancy is never to get satisfied, its a self perpetuating addiction that can never end as long as the trip feels good. If only candy's like Cars, Electronics gadgets, high resource consuming fast foods all come out of an vast in exhaustible Source we would not need to think of standing on someone else's shoulders to get what we want but thats not the case in reality.

    In a fast emerging multi-polar world where the west cant dictate terms and enforce laws War would be the only solution where Massive competitors like China and other developing nations are only too willing to play dirty tricks to get the resources they want.

    The writing's is on the wall, what we are doing today is what our future is going to be, we don't need a Nostradamus to see that, perhaps its just needs us to stand back for a few minutes and look what we are doing.
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    The later part of the 20th Century witnessed relative peace, compared to the blood thirsty madness before that.

    What is the future? Well one can be sure the weak and vulnerable would be exploited by the very powerful. It has already started in the East courtesy China. Something the West had been doing for ages. The only difference is there is no talk of Democracy or some other pretext.

    One can be pretty confident there isn't going to be a world war 3, thanks to Nuclear weapons. We won't be seeing any million man armies ravaging and plundering the countries they conquer. It would mostly be more sanitised like the hi tech campaigns waged in the recent past in the Gulf.
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    In the future our minds will be linked to form a single consciousness. We'll behave as one single organism, with a collective goal of colonizing the known universe. :p

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