What BCCI Does With Its Cash

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    What BCCI Does With Its Cash

    • Most cricket fans would want to know the details of how the world's richest cricket board, the BCCI, spends its money. So, here are some figures that you can sit back and enjoy.
    • A peep into the Board's latest balance sheet throws up some interesting expenditures under less-then-serious heads like telephone bills, postage and stationary charges, and the worth of the stock of cricket balls with the BCCI.
    • Many fans may also want to know how much winning the World Cup cost the Board. The answer is: 71.77 crore! This includes players' fees etc.
    • And despite spending so much, it earned a profit of 30.29 crore from the tournament. It was possible mainly due to income from sponsorship besides the participation and hosting fee that the ICC gave to the BCCI.
    • According to its 2010-11 balance sheet, the BCCI spent 32.63 lakh on printing and stationary, 27.38 lakh on postage and telephone bills, 66.16 lakh on advertisement, 4.28 crore on travelling, and 3.74 crore on salaries and allowances of its staff and 30.76 lakh on seminars.
    • As of March 31, 2011, the Board had in its stock cricket balls worth 1.09 crore.
    • Inexplicably, the Board didn't spend a single rupee on anti-doping-related issues, despite having set aside 40 lakh for the purpose.
    • For 2011-12, it has again budgeted 40 lakh, though it remains to be seen if this would be utilised. The BCCI spent 14.77 lakh on curators, though many of the pitches are still not up to the mark. The 90 lakh budgeted for the annual award and function expenses remained unspent.

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