Wen Jiabao rejects 'Jasmine'-type revolt in China

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    Wen Jiabao rejects 'Jasmine'-type revolt in China

    BEIJING: Chinese premier Wen Jiabao has scoffed at attempts to draw analogy between political upheavals in some North African countries like Libya and China. No such political movement is likely in China because people are aware of the massive development strides it has taken in past three decades, he said.

    "We have followed closely the turbulence in some parts of western Asia and Africa. It is not right to draw an analogy between china and those countries," the premier said on the conclusion of the annual session of the National People's Congress, the Chinese parliament.

    The Communist Party of China has been extremely worried about online calls for "Jasmine revolution" protests although they have not produced any demonstrations in the past three weeks. A large number of people have been detained, and controls over the Internet media has been further tightened.

    The premier on Monday talked about the need for political restructuring and ensuring social justice. "Without political restructuring economic restricting will not succeed, and our achievements may be lost," he said.

    Wen's remarks seemed to be at odds with a recent statement by Wu Bangguo, head of China's legislature and one of the nine members in the Politburo Standing Committee that rules China.

    "What is most important is that we maintain the correct political orientation and never waver on major issues of principle such as the fundamental system of the state," he said.

    Presenting his work report to the NPC, Wu said, "If we waver, not only will there be no socialist modernization to speak of, but the achievements gained thus far in the development will also be lost, and it is possible that the state could sink into the abyss of internal disorder."

    At Monday's press conference, Wen said the "essence of democracy" was ensuring social justice, pursuing economic and political restructuring and giving full play to independent thinking and creativity.

    He sought to address three major areas of heart burning among the people, which are inflation, income disparities and corruption. He promised to strengthen the drive against corruption, and warned provincial politicians that their performance will be severely scrutinized.

    "Inflation is like a tiger, once it is set free it is very difficult to put it back in its cage," the premier said. "Rising consumer and housing prices affect the immediate interests of the people and that is why the government has given top priority to curbing inflation."
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    HAHAHAH! With the very terms "Jasmine" and "Arab" removed from all internet search engines in China, I am sure Wen is finally breathing a sigh of relief while saying this sort of a statement (remember that countries like Bahrain are very prosperous and some Arab revolts are not exactly about economy or prosperity). :lol: :lol:

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