We must forge a new relationship with India

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    David Cameron's trip to India is no ordinary visit. He will travel to New Delhi next week with senior Cabinet ministers – including the Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary – and a planeload of Britain's top chief executives. This is significant: in 2006, Mr Cameron's first overseas visit as Tory leader was to India. He said it was time to forge a "new special relationship", a pledge that was repeated in the Coalition's "Programme for Government". The Queen's Speech also spoke of an "enhanced partnership" to be shared by Britain and India.

    It would be wrong, though, to assume that no one else has woken up to India's tremendous potential. Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy will visit the subcontinent this year to foster their own new relationships. And the root of this global interest? Simple enough: while the British economy contracted by 4.9 per cent in 2009, the Indian economy grew by 7.4 per cent. India, in other words, is on the way up. It may have a vast and impoverished rural population, but its urban middle class is expanding dramatically. This momentum could soon turn the nation into Asia's wealth-creating powerhouse


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